Zen College Life’s 100th Article: Gifts for Everyone

That’s right folks.  8 months down the road and I have reached 100+ posts.  I don’t know about you, but I’m excited.  And to celebrate, I’ve compiled a fantastic list of resources to hack your life and make you an amazing well rounded person.  This may be my favorite post yet.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

If your life is anything like mine you probably don’t have time to read all of these at once, so bookmark this article and read a little bit at a time.

  • 50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do – We start off basic.  This list is fantastic.  Some of you could spend weeks just mastering this list, and let me tell you, it would be well worth it.  This list has everything from survival techniquesto computer basics, cpr to giving great speeches, job interviews to time management, travelling to swimming, and so much more.  This must be one of the coolest lists compiled that I have ever seen (a special thanks to Marc and Angel Hack Life)
  • 30 Useful Tools Everyone Should own – Another fantastic Mac and Angel article. In this list you will find everything from a laptop to a hammer, and even some hand sanitizer.  A great read.
  • 100 Must-Read Books: The Essential Man’s Library – When I first looked over this list, I realized that I had read, or at least had interest in reading many of these books.  The fact that I was already interested in so many led me to believe that I would be interested in most if not all of them.  Look over this list, then head over to amazon and pick up a few.  And don’t be afraid of the list just because it contains a few books you may have had to read in high school.  They really aren’t that bad!
  • 10 Skills You Need to Succeed at Almost Anything – Dustin Wax at Lifehack.org created this fantastic list, including skills like public speaking, critical thinking, and self-management.  If you start now to master every aspect of each skill listed here you’ll be way ahead of the crowd.
  • Top 20 Motivation Hacks – A fantastic article written by Leo over at ZenHabits.net.  If you don’t know Leo, or you aren’t a regular at ZenHabits.net then it’s time you did.  Get over there and see the amazing things this guy says and does.  He’s truly inspirational.
  • 73 Great Debt Elimination Tips – Another great ZenHabits article.  Since most of us college students start our post-academic lives in large amounts of debt, these tips are just what the doctor ordered.
  • 31 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Excercise – yet another ZenHabits masterpiece.  Many of us get caught up with schoolwork and trying to balance college life that fitness takes a hit.  Here are a few ways to get back to feeling that wonderful euphoria of exercise.
  • 11 Thigns You Shouldn’t Leave for School Without – I found this great list of web based resources over at Dumb Little Man, a great site for increasing your life effectiveness.  This is one that every student should have bookmarked.
  • 25 Absolute Essentials for Networking Success – Networking is something that every student, in fact, every person should work to perfect.  Many of us don’t start to learn this till after we need it.  Take my advice, read this and learn to implement the tips into your daily life.  Future you will be glad you did.
  • 10 Hard Ways to Make Your Life Better – Dustin at Lifehack.org comes through again with an interesting way to improve your life with great tips such as volunteering, starting a business, and many others.
  • 22 Best Motivational Videos Online – Steve at Change your Thoughts compiled this great list of videos to motivate you.  It’s a great list, so check it out!
  • 30 Fundamentals of a Wonderful Life – Peter at The Change Blog created this wonderful list of ways to create a wonderful life.   You’ll enjoy this one.

Well there you have it.  If you took my advice to heart and read these, or even just skimmed over them, you now have a pretty good idea of what it will take for you to be the greatest version of yourself possible.  If you are a regular here at Zen College Life, I assume that this is something you are interested in, so go fourth, master life, and be great.

If you have a great list of ways to improve life, leave a comment, I’d love to add it!

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