ZCL Featured Posts: 2.25.09


I don’t share links to other sites nearly enough.  I read plenty of great things all over this crazy world wide web, but rarely do I think to share them with you guys.  Well that’s going to change.  From now on I’m going to start sharing the cool things I find when they are relevant to you, the ZCL reader. So here goes!

Each of these has great potential in improving some aspect of your life.  Take a few moments to go over them.  You’ll be glad you did!

Hack College: Acing the Final Stretch

Hack College: 5 Quick and Dirty Anti-Procrastination Tips

Study Hacks: How to Save a Disastrous Semester

Broke Grad Student: Carnival of Personal Finance: YouTube Edition

Dumb Little Man: 13 Things You Must Balance in Your Life

Dumb Little Man: Make Sure Your Facebook Profile Doesn’t Lose You a Job

Zen Habits: 10 Essential Money Skills for a Bad Economy

Zen Habits:The Number 1 Dream Killer: Doing What Works

Jessica Mah: If I only had a good idea for a business… Then I’d be rich!

Pick The Brain: Empower Other People To Help You Achieve What You Want

Life Dev: Finding and Storing  The Creative Juices

Life Dev: Exercising the Creative Mind

The Change Blog: Loving The Life You Have, Not The One You Think  You Want

That’s it for the first edition of ZCL Featured Posts.  Stay tuned for more great reading!

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