X-Ray Technician

An x ray technician is involved in every aspect of taking internal photos of patients for physicians to use during diagnosis and treatment. X ray techs work in many different areas of medicine, including hospitals, dentist offices, and several specialty treatment centers. When you work as an x ray technician, your job is to prep the patient for the x ray and take a clear picture of the necessary internal mechanism that is being examined. There are some risks involved in working with radiology equipment on a daily basis, but most modern protective equipment is adequate to keep you safe.

X ray technicians need to have a high level of compassion and an ability to interact comfortably with people who are in pain. There are times when the patient will need to be placed in a position that is not entirely natural so that you can get the picture that the doctor needs. Part of your job is to help the patient cooperate so that you can get the best possible image. Your ability to communicate with the patient will make the process much more painless for both of your.

X-Ray Technician Certification

Many states require that x ray technicians hold a specific license that proves they have been properly trained. The states that allow unlicensed x ray technicians are also considering licensure, and you should expect to need to earn a license before you begin to seek employment. Most two or four year x ray technician programs will give you all of training that you need to pass the license exam and begin working as a fully licensed x ray technician. You can also earn certificates and degrees from colleges and technical schools to become an x ray technician.

X-Ray Technician Training – Schools and Classes

The x ray technician training involves quite a lot of anatomy and biology, as well as specific training on the most recent equipment. You will undergo extensive training in the human body so that you can arrange your patients in the best way to achieve the proper images. You will also be trained in how to interact with patients. Most programs offer extensive training in medical terminology, as well. The nuts and bolts of radiology are the core features of an x ray technicians training, and include subjects such as radiobiology and imaging principles. Some schools also offer more general courses that cover topics like medical ethics.

X Ray Technician Schools Online

X ray technicians have a number of options when it comes to schooling. There are four year degrees in radiology that you can study at any regular college or university. The majority of career x ray technicians choose to study at a vocational school or two year community college. The training offered at vocational schools focuses directly on the career you plan to pursue, without the extraneous classes that you have to complete to earn a degree from a university. Employers tend to respect two year certifications just as highly as four year degrees.

X-Ray Technician Jobs

Almost every field of medicine requires the use of x rays from time to time. As an x ray technician, you can choose between working in a busy hospital or in a quiet dentist office. There are medical specialists who rely heavily on the work of a good x ray technician. Physicians who work mainly with hand and foot health need several x rays that are high quality, and are always looking for talented x ray technicians. Other opportunities for x ray technicians include clinics that deal with bone health and cancer. There is a high demand for x ray technicians in today’s job market, which means that you will have more control over the type of facility you can expect to work in once you earn your license.

How Much Does an X-Ray Technician Make?

X ray technicians can earn an average of $55,200 per year depending on experience and education. There are several factors that can impact your earning potential. The more training you have, the better your starting salary will be. The type of medical facility you work in can also impact the amount of money you make. Generally specialists tend to bring home more money than general technicians. If you earn a certificate from a trusted school, you can expect to start earning at a higher rate than if you had no certification at all.

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