Work Hard, Play Hard: Things to do during the Winter Break

Here’s the deal.  Most of us college students work really hard during the semester.  Some of us work really, really hard.  The problem is that we tend to get exhausted of the work and spend or breaks (summer, winter, etc.) doing absolutely nothing at all.  I take that back. We spend the breaks making a new butt groove in our couch (or computer chair for you world of warcraft players).  My suggestion to you is that if you work hard, I mean really hard, you have to play hard during the breaks, to even the universe.  You don’t want to be the reason for an imbalanced universe, do you?

I’ve noticed that my favorite semester breaks are the ones where I go somewhere, do something, or make something that I can share with the world.  Sometimes it’s a good ole fashion road trip with friends, other times it’s making a movie, recording some music on guitar, or just having that fantastic memorable date with the misses.  So with that in mind, here are a few things you can do this winter break to make sure it’s the most memorable one yet.  Trust me, once the spring semester starts and you’re back in the library studying, you are going to want to have fond memories of the last time you could sleep in, hang out, eat great food, and not have to worry about your next due assignment or test.

  • Build the biggest snowman possible, or better yet, a snow fort!  And take lots of pictures (for snow dwellers only)
  • Take a spontaneous road trip. Nothing makes for memories like spontaneity.
  • Create something. Music, film, art, anything that you enjoy and can showcase your talents
  • Do something rebellious. I’m not advocating tattoos or piercings, but you are old enough to decide just how rebellious to go.  Bungee jumping, sky diving, and other things of this nature will make for great memories.
  • Spend quality time with family. This may not be on the top of your priorities, but once school starts you wont get the chance even if you want to.  Take a little time to connect with the family.
  • Volunteer. There is no greater feeling of accomplishment than helping out your fellow man.  Spend a couple of hours a week at your local hospital/homeless shelter/soup kitchen etc.  You’ll be glad you did.
  • Travel Abroad. For the financially gifted students, traveling abroad is, I’m sure, a wonderful experience.  Don’t wait till graduation, do it now.
  • Host a party. Gaming party, mascaraed party, or even a good ole Christmas party.  Any excuse to get together with friends and family for a night of fun and socializing.
  • Drive to the snow. For my fellow Houstonians and equatorial dwellers, a road trip a bit north to the snow can be a wonderful experience.  I’m currently bouncing the idea around with friends to head over to Colorado, just for fun.
  • Make a super awesome music playlist, and take a drive somewhere new.  Great for relaxing.
  • Visit a theme park.  This one is a given.  If you have a theme park nearby, hit it up for some good times.
  • Exercise.  I know some of you didn’t want to hear this one, but I’m a huge advocate for physical fitness.  I even got my fiance to hit the weights with me last night.  It was tons of fun, and a great stress reliever.
  • Read a book.  Another lost hobby in the midst of all these tv shows and video games.  Find a good book, curl up by a fire, and read, read, read.
  • See a local band. It’s always fun to support a local band, and it makes for a great outing.
  • Zoo, Museum, Symphony Orchestra, Theatre, etc.  All great fun ideas.
  • Camping trip.  Who doesn’t love the great outdoors, right?  If you don’t, you just arent doing it right.
  • Wake up early and make a breakfast feast. This isn’t your average breakfast buddy.  I’m talking waffles or pancakes, omlets, oatmeal, fruit, juice, yogurt, bacon or sausage, maybe even a t-bone steak.  Whatever it takes to ensure that it’s the best breakfast you and your family/friends will ever have. (just remember, too much whipped cream will turn you into a woman, hehehe. Ladies disregard)
  • Ice skate. Yep.
  • Get a new hobby. You can never have too many.  I lift weights, swim, play video games, play guitar, make movies, make websites, design graphics, ride a motorcycle, bicycle, cook, write, sing, watch movies, hang out with friends, and do many more.  I’m sure you can find something interesting and new to submerse yourself into.
  • Learn a new language.  Every new language you learn gives you more perspective on life, and is definitely marketable in the real world.  Plus it’s fun!
  • Watch old movies with friends.  Remember Ninja Turtles 1 the movie?  How about the old disney classics.  Gather up some friends and get back to the good ole days.
  • Hand write letters to everyone you care about. Handwritten letters are such a wonderful gift.  With email being so easy and free, a handwritten letter really shows how much you care.  Nobody will be disappointed to receive a handwritten letter from you.

And no good to do list is complete without a…

Things not to do during winter break

  • Join a gym to get a headstart on your new years resolution. I have to qualify this one.  Without real dedication, preparation, and overall discipline you are going to quit in about a month.  Not only that, but until you do, you and your 1 month fitness buddies are going to crowd my gym.  Start by jogging, weight lifting at school, or whatever you have to do, until you can convince yourself that you are dedicated.  Otherwise, just stay away from gym memberships.
  • Contract an STD. Winter may be a great time to cuddle up together, but realistically, there is about a 1 in 10 chance (maybe even higher), that that person you are cuddling up next to during that vacation has an STD.  It’s gross, and you don’t want it.  Just say no.
  • Go Streaking. This one is for the guys.  First of all, a naked runner is never a flattering look for you.  Secondly, think cold weather shrinkage. You can’t afford to be seen in this manner.
  • Go clubbing. It’s a gross scene, and if you find the woman/man of your dreams there, they were probably the woman/man of someone else’s dreams last weekend.  Nasty.
  • Stay home and watch TV. Don’t be a loser. Go outside.
  • Get fat. Winter is no excuse for that extra 10 lbs you seem to have accumulated.
  • Compain about weather above 40 degrees outside. Wear a jacket you wuss.
  • Forget the moisturizer. Nobody likes the girl with ashy elbows. lol.
  • Wear snow boots if you live in southern states. Also leg warmers.  Here in Houston, I’m so sick of seeing girls wear snow boots. Seriously?  It’s like 70 degrees outside!  You aren’t cute.
  • Get sick. Seriously.  Nobody wants to be around a sick person.  Get some vitamin C.
  • Get drunk. Whether it’s Christmas, New Years, or just a regular friday/saturday night.  Nobody likes the person who gets drunk at every event.  And you don’t want to be that person.
  • Get a haircut. Cold weather is a great excuse to grow your hair to ridiculous lengths and styles.  Just say its to keep warm. heheheh.
  • Wear red. It’s been done.
  • Sing Christmas songs. We have to hear them at work and in every retail store worldwide.  Give us a break!

Well that ought to do it.  Have a great break everyone!