Weekly Focus: Getting Things Done

This week we will focus on Getting Things Done. Getting Things Done is David Allen’s system (well multiple systems) for Zen-like productivity. He goes over the basics of implementing systems for organization and higher levels of productivity. Rather than try to explain everything that Allen covers, I’m going to list a few links of places that have already done just that. David Allen’s book is an excellent way to completely change your life’s productivity and organization. Never again will you have to remember when something is due or the time of your next meeting. He covers it all.

Getting Things Done on Wiki – A basic overview of GTD

GTD at Lifehacker.com – Excellent resources for Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done at 43 Folders – Getting Started with GTD

David Allen’s Company Site

10 Tips for Getting Things Done

Zen Habits – Tips for capturing GTD

Murtworld: Top 10 GTD tips

There is plenty more on the web about getting things done and ways of doing so. You could do a google search and find just about everything you need times 10 or so. These are just the basic starting points.

Now go fourth, productively, and change the world in the most positive manner you are able to do so. You have no good reason not to!

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