Veternary Assistant Training

If you are looking for a great career and have a passion for animals then becoming a veterinary assistant may be the ideal job for you.

What is a veterinary assistant?

A veterinary assistant will work closely with a veterinary and provide hands on care to many different types of animals. Many veterinary assistants will perform various medical tests and work under the supervision of a veterinary. These tests can include drawing blood, urinalysis, and other routine medical tests to help diagnose any medical conditions. In addition to these tests the assistant can help in grooming, general office duties and other animal related care. The job description of a veterinary assistant will vary from location to location.

Educational Requirements to become a veterinary assistant

Each location is a bit different with the educational requirements. There are some programs that do require a 2 or 4 year training program while other location do offer hands on training. There are different levels of this position as well. Depending on where you live, will depend on what type of training you will need. It may be wise to speak with a few veterinarians in your area and ask them if they provide training in the office as a hand on style of training.

Skills needed to become a veterinary assistant

In order to become a veterinary assistant, one should have the compassion and the desire to work with and help animals. Other skills would include customer service skills, compassion for pet owners, the physical condition to be able to work on your feet all day as well as being able to work in a group environment.

Job and Career outlook for a veterinary assistant

The outlook for this position is excellent in the coming years. It has been reported that this position will continue to grow and has an employment opportunity that is growing faster than the average. Depending on where you live does affect the salary as well. The median salary reported for vet assistants is around $23,550 in the United States.

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