Upper Iowa University Online Review

Overview: Upper Iowa University was founded in Fayette, Iowa in 1857. The university has grown over time into a center for learning that can satisfy the educational needs and desires of its many diverse students. UIU branched out via U.S. Centers, International Centers, and Military Centers in order to help give its students greater convenience in obtaining an education. It is a private not-for-profit university.

Online: With so many different types of centers available, it is not a wonder that Upper Iowa University was one of the leaders in branching out into offering distance learning programs. As a general rule, distance learning programs are administered online by professors of the universities which sponsor them and students earn degrees or certificates that are no different than on-campus students would learn. No special markings are given to online students when they graduate and this encourages many of them to pursue further education without the risk that employers will be biased against online degrees.

Programs Offered: The distance learning program of Upper Iowa University offers twelve Bachelor of Science Degrees in programs such as Accounting, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Human Services, Public Administration, and Social Science. Some available minors include Management, General Business, Sociology, Marketing, Psychology, and Health Services Administration. Three different Graduate degrees are offered by Upper Iowa University. Graduate students can earn a Master of Business Administration, Master of Public Administration, or Master of Higher Education Administration degree. The MBA has six areas of emphasis as does the MPA, and the MHEA has two areas of emphasis. Accreditation: Upper Iowa University is approved by the Louisiana Higher Education Board, Wisconsin Educational Approval Board, and the Iowa Department of Education for teacher education in Iowa. It is licensed by the Board of Regents of the State of Louisiana and accredited by The Higher Learning Commission on top of being a member of the North Central Association for Higher Learning. In addition to these credentials, Upper Iowa University is a member of over ten educational organizations which can be found listed in the Accreditation section of the school’s website at http://www.uiu.edu/. Tuition & Financial Aid The average cost for each credit hour taken by undergraduate online students is $333 and rises to $399 for graduate students in the online programs. This means that for one semester, tuition costs for an undergraduate student taking 12 hours, a full time course load as defined by the government for financial aid purposes, are $3,996 and $4,788 for graduate students. The financial aid office at Upper Iowa University will work with students to “help them find as much financial assistance as possible.” The website has a specific section for the Distance Education Center and outlines several types of loans, grants, and other aid available to students as well as nudging them to file their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible. Scams/Complaints: A simple search of scam reporting websites shows no complaints lodged against Upper Iowa University. Though there are many online colleges offering degrees that are scams, Upper Iowa University is not one of them and students appear to be satisfied with the education that they receive from this institution.

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