University of New England Online Review

University of New England Online Overview

The University of New England has two separate campuses and was founded in 1978. The school started out as a high school in the 1930s and then transformed over the years into the college that was officially founded in the 70s. There are two campuses available, both in Maine, and each one was merged with another school to become the college it is today.

The University of New England is regionally accredited and is a private non-profit university that prides itself on its entrepreneurial direction.

The University of New England has a Distance Education Program as an alternative to its traditional classroom settings. The school year is broken down into six terms at UNE as opposed to two semesters.

University of New England Online Courses

Six sectors are offered for the online education programs: Osteopathic Medicine, Education, Geriatric Education, Medical Education & Leadership, Public Health, and Social Work.

The college primarily offers Master’s Degree programs and Post-Master’s Certificates. Other certificates are also available, such as the Certificate in Program Development offered as a foundation for the Master of Science in Medical Education Leadership.

University of New England Online Accreditation

The University of New England is regionally accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Some of the specific schools within UNE hold separate accreditations, such as the Physician Assistant Program’s accreditation by the Accreditation Review Committee on Educational for the Physician Assistant.

Tuition & Financial Aid at University of New England Online

Tuition for graduate students is $13,015 per semester for a grand total of $26,030 per year. This covers 12-18 hours of classes, a full time course load. However, it should be noted that the costs fluctuate depending on which specific area is chosen for example, the Physical Therapy program costs $26,000 per year while the Physician Assistant program costs $32,000. Program related fees such as malpractice insurance, examination fees, and organization membership fees are also attached to several of the specific areas of study.

Federal financial aid is available to students of the University of New England who file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, often referred to by its shortened name of FAFSA. Over 90% of all UNE students receive some sort of financial assistance. Financial Aid Officers will gladly assist students who make appointments with the filing of their FAFSA forms or applications for private loans, grants, or scholarships.

University of New England Online Scam Reports Complaints

While there are many online colleges which are not optimal for students looking to earn a respectable degree from an online program, the University of New England appears to be legitimate. No scam reports or complaints are registered against the University of New England, which suggests that students are satisfied with the quality of the education they receive from this educational institution and its Distance Education Program.

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