Top Film and Production Colleges

One of the largest industries in the world is the filming industry. Not only does it cover the big screen that we all find in theaters around the world, but it also covers television. Today, television has become bigger in many instances over the big screen. This is because of the unsurpassed changes that have occurred in our societies and the driven need to want to stay home to entertain or relax.

Different Types of Film Jobs and Careers

If you are interested in becoming a part of the film industry the most overwhelming challenge may be to decide where you would like to attend.

Each of the schools below offer a wide variety of courses and can ready you for a number of different careers in Acting, Production, Sound, Lighting, Directing, Editing, Video, and many more.

The top Film and Production Schools by reputation are:

1) New York University- Located in Greenwich Village, this school gives students the opportunity to focus their studies on production, filming and more. It also gives students the chance to have one subject as a major and the other as a minor. New York University also gives many filming students the opportunity to also study the business side of the filming industry. This is helpful for someone looking to work in the sales side of the industry or quite possibly in the management of a large studio operation. The University was founded in the 1800s.

2) New York Film School- It is believed that this school is one of the best schools to attend for hands on learning. You actually will be trained in the actual field you wish to learn and be a part of. If you want to be behind a camera, you will be behind a camera, learning how each step makes a huge difference in the way a film is produced. The instructors for this school are from all over the United States, they have all come from the filming back ground and believe in sharing their experiences with the students.

3) University of Southern California, in Los Angeles- Wow! What a place to study in, the heart of the movie industry Los Angeles, California. The university is a private school that focuses a large portion on the research and development for the filming industry. Not only does the University focus on the Production side, but is also allows students to get the information and research they may need for the sound portion of filming.

4) The Art Institute- You can choose from many different locations for this fine establishment. The Institute is top notch when it comes to keeping up with the industry, with the move to digital operations for many companies, The Art Institute is believed to have been one of the first to jump on the grand band wagon when it comes to the digital world. Not only can you experience hands on training but you will also learn about the ins and outs of the film industry. You can choose from production, design, sound and many other aspects of the film industry. For the Art Institute you can choose from being located in California, Arizona, New York or any one of the other great locations that the Institute has.

5) The University of Notre Dame- That’s right! Notre Dame has a huge film department that wants you. Just like many of the other fine film schools available, Notre Dame offers a huge array of hands on learning for the film industry. You can learn production, management and more all in the most famous of schools in Indiana.

6) Brooks Institute- Located in California. This school focuses on all levels of media, not just involving the film industry, radio is another focus for this Institute. Brooks believes in helping each person to meet and achieve their goals within the filming industry no matter what you are thinking about doing. They believe in keeping things up to date as possible, this means focusing on what the industry has to offer now, digital.

7) University of Kansas- Believe it or not this sleepy little state with its flat lands has a filming department. Not only does the University focus on hands on training for the filming industry but it helps students to learn all aspects, from the acting side and the history, to all of the technical side, this school is said to be great in helping each student to be more well rounded within the filming industry.

8) Platt College- Platt has a high focus on the digital aspect of the filming industry. If you are on the high tech move, this is the school for you. Learn about production that is currently the latest and greatest for the industry. Platt teaches its students on keeping on top of the film production industry and how to be a leader over what is now considered “old school” filming.

9) Colorado Film School- Located in the heart of Denver, Colorado, The school has set focus on everything from writing scripts to production of a film. You will also learn about acting on the big screen or how to edit a manuscript. If you are a writer wanting to break into the filming industry, this is the school for you!

10) University of New Orleans- Be in the wonderful heart of Louisiana and learn not only about the beautiful history of the city all around you, but how to capture it in film. Lots of hands on training for pre and post production, location production and oh so much more. The University also teaches about the importance of theatre to those interested in going straight to the film industry.

There’s a little something for everyone in the film industry, it is just a matter of what you wish to focus on while there.

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