Top 10 things to do/Not to do this Spring Break



Finish that book you started but had to put down due to school

Turn off the radio and listen to some of your old stuff

Spontaneous road trip. Doesn’t matter where, all that matters is that it isn’t planned. Gather a few good friends and hit the freeway in search of an adventure

Go to the beach. Spring break doesn’t feel like spring break without at least one trip to the beach

Do something crazy. I wont get into specifics here, but nothing makes for a good spring break story like doing something completely nuts.

BBQ – I dont think i need to explain this one.

Catch a good movie, or better yet, a good concert

Go to a party.
Let loose, there’s no test, no studying, its your week of freedom from the shackles of college. I would have said throw a party, but then you’d have to clean up. Party responsibly.

Try something new. Food, hobby, music, meet someone new. Just anything new (Don’t try a new significant other. Your current one probably won’t appreciate it)

Make up nicknames, You can’t call it a good spring break until a couple of you have new nicknames. Get to work.

Top 10 things Not to do this Spring Break

Get a tatoo. It’s not that cool, and unless you plan on riding a chopper into your grey years you probably wont want it forever.

Break a limb on the first day. I know I said to do something crazy, but is trying to jump from the second story of your house into the pool really necessary?

Drink yourself stupid. Not very many people wake up the next day, look over at that strange person, and say, wow, what a great choice I made last night. Have you seen “Knocked Up?” Which brings me to my next point…

One night stand. Unless you are a freshman virgin, it’s probably not going to be the way it looks on TV. Actually it probably is. Just say no.

Break the law. Jail probably isn’t glamerous, and though it would make an awesome story, the things you may have to endure while ‘on the inside,’ just don’t seem worth it.

Volunteer to babysit, housesit, or any kind of sit.
You won’t get freedom like this again till summer, so no sitting.

Start an activist movement, revolution, or riot of any sort.
Seriously, you can’t wait 1 week?

Go unprotected. Don’t play catch without a glove.

wear a trenchcoat.
Especially with nothing else underneath

Catch herpes…
That stuff doesn’t wash off you know.

So there you have it. The do’s and don’t do’s for this Spring Break. Be safe, and have fun this spring break, guys. You’ve worked had all semester, you deserve it. (If you didn’t work hard, you don’t deserve it, so stay home and wash dishes or something.) Seriously though, have fun and make it the GREATEST SPRING BREAK EVER!

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