Top 10 Marketing Colleges

A college degree in marketing can be both a versatile and lucrative degree. With any start-up business, marketing plays a crucial role in selling the products and services to potential customers. Truly, most products do not "sell themselves". It is with the hard work and development of a marketing campaign between the business owners and marketing agency that heavily determine the success of the product or service. With a degree in marketing, you can explore a wide career field with a high rate of upward mobility.This editorial list was compiled by analyzing the reputation and overall student satisfaction of schools with relevant curriculum. Here are nine of the best colleges for those considering degrees in marketing.

1. American Intercontinental University
American Intercontinental University is our number one pick in Marketing schools. AIU offers degrees in Associate's, Bachelor's, and Master's degrees in many subjects and is a leading provider in online education. Their BBA in Marketing will allow you to learn the skills necessary to excel in marketing one day. This school comes highly accredited and is one of the biggest schools offering online education.

BBA in Marketing

2. Post University
Post University is our number two pick in Marketing schools. Post University offers degrees in Associate's, Bachelor's, and Master's degrees in many subjects and is a leading provider in online education.

BS in Marketing

3. Kaplan University
Kaplan University is our number three pick in Marketing schools. Kaplan University is one of the biggest, most well known universities in the online education realm.Their BSBA in Marketing degree will teach you all you need to know in terms of making a successful leap into the career force.

BSBA in Marketing

4. Walden University
Walden University is our number four pick in Marketing schools! Walden University is for working professionals who desire an advanced degree while maintaining career & personal commitments.

Bachelor of science (B.S.) in Business Administration, Marketing
Doctor of Business Administration – Marketing

5. Ashford University
Ashford University lands a spot at number five for online marketing degrees. Ashford is truly a top notch University that comes highly recommended by all of the top accredited online education programs you can find.

MBA – Marketing

6. Strayer University
Strayer offers truly exceptional marketing degrees in the three most popular areas of Associates, bachelors, and masters degrees. This school is for you if you are looking for a general marketing degree in business and want a school who truly specializes in general marketing at three educational degree levels.

Associate in Arts in Marketing>
MBA: Marketing

7. Liberty University
Liberty University falls at number seven in our top ten marketing list. This is a school that is geared toward a mere marketer and sales seeking individuals. They offer degrees in Business management for marketing and sales as well as a business management degree in Internet marketing if that is the road your choosing!

BSBA in Marketing
MBA in Marketing

8. Capella University
Capella University is one of the top online colleges out there. Capella University was formed in 1991 under a different name. To date, it is one of the leading online universities with over 1250 courses online and 39 programs to choose from.

MBA – Marketing

9. Colorado Technical University
Colorado Technical University offers online classes and full programs for those students who cannot attend a traditional college for whatever reason. They promise a level of support and flexibility that is unparalleled with other online schools.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Marketing
Master of Business Administration – Marketing

10. Colorado Technical University
Saint Leo’s Bachelors of Business Administration with a Marketing Specialization is designed for students interested in a career in sales, advertising, consumer relations, marketing management, retailing services, small business operation, or international business. Their school of business is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), a professional accreditor for business programs in student-centered colleges and universities throughout the world.


University of California, Berkeley – Haas School of Business
UCal Berkeley is consistently at the top of most "best school" lists, and with good cause. It is widely considered one of the best research Universities in the country, and the Haas School of Business is no exception. With a focus of empirical study into fields like consumer research, the Haas School of Business has received significant accolade for blazing new paths in marketing research and design. They offer undergraduate degrees, master degrees, and doctorate degrees as well as intensive, hands-on research in marketing.

New York University – Stern School Marketing Department
New York University offers undergraduate and MBA degrees through the Stern School's marketing department. Considered one of the most challenging undergraduate degrees to obtain in marketing, students benefit from a highly-skilled and award winning faculty of professors. Emphasis is placed on highly modern marketing techniques. Customer acquisition and retention, as well as product development and high-tech marketing are the elements which form a degree in marketing from NYU.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor – Stephen M. Ross School of Business
Results from the marketing department of the Ross School of Business in Ann Arbor have been published in some of the most renowned academic journals in the world. Students are given a holistic perspective to the marketing discipline at the undergraduate and graduate level. Group research and utilization of cutting-edge technology are common, and students are presented with a real-world view of marketing as well as the research end of the spectrum. Considered one of the most balanced marketing programs in the world.

University of Southern California – Marshall Marketing Department
USC has one of the more flexible marketing degree programs, which makes them stand out from some of the other schools on this list. Rather than giving students a strict and rigorous class outline, students are able to choose between degrees in general marketing or are able to choose specific paths of interdisciplinary study. However, all marketing degrees give the student a strong background in rudimentary skills and learnings in the field. Faculty consists of highly-skilled and highly-trained professors which aim to produce bold trailblazers in the marketing world.

University of Texas, Austin – McCombs School of Business
Nestled in Austin lies one of the best marketing programs for undergrads and graduate students alike. A thorough program with an emphasis on the basics of marketing, the McCombs School of Business at UT gives a "no-frills" approach to marketing study. Focus is placed on the strict study of business to consumer relationships, and degree programs for undergrad and graduate students are considerably challenging.

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill – Kenan Flagler Business School
UNC offers both graduate and undergrad degree programs, focusing on building strong leaders in the field of marketing. A selling point is their dual-degree programs and international programs, which many students choose to take advantage of.

University of Indiana – Kelley Department of Marketing
The University of Indiana's marketing department places a strong emphasis on the discovery and usage of high-tech technology in analyzing, interpreting and predicting marketing data. Rigorous programs are available at the undergraduate and graduate level.

University of Virginia – McIntire School of Commerce
Students of the McIntire School of Commerce are given world-class instruction in marketing, however, emphasis is also given in the fields of psychology and sociology, as well as statistical analysis of data. This program is one of the more well-rounded programs out of the schools listed, as it gives a multidisciplinary perspective to the world of marketing.

University of Wisconsin, Madison – Marketing Department
The University of Wisconsin is highly respected in the marketing community for the tools that they give their students access to. The A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Research, as well as the Center for Brand and Product Management are vital tools that are respected throughout the country as being invaluable to the study of marketing to new students.

University of Pennsylvania – Wharton Marketing Program
Saving perhaps the best for last, the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton Marketing Program is known to be the number one in the study of marketing. With over one-hundred years of existence, the Wharton Marketing Program has churned out some of the most prominent and successful names in marketing history, and continues to be respected as a worldwide leader in the study of marketing.

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