The Top 10 Political Science Colleges

Political science combines a number of disciplines into one. You’ll want to seek out faculty with expertise in each component as well as demonstrated leadership skills, both in theory and in practice. We compiled a list of schools with excellent political science programs. This editorial list was created based on the schools reputations, overall student satisfaction and curriculum relevance.

1. Kaplan University
Kaplan University is a nationally recognized university and our #1 choice for individuals interested in a political science degree. The Kaplan University Bachelor of Science in Political Science program teaches you how government and society are interconnected on many different levels. THis is why Kaplan University is our first pick today!

BS in Political Science

2. Ashford University
Ashford University is our #2 pick! If you desire a career working in public service or the non-profit sector, you will find that political science makes a great undergraduate subject to prepare for an advanced degree. The courses this degree focuses on are political behavior, power and authority, policy development, international relations, and conflict resolution. This is why Ashford is one of our top schools for Political Science!

BA in Political Science and Government

3. Arizona State University
As a nationally recognized university, ASU is our 3rd choice for individuals interested in a political science degree. Focused on enriching students’ learning experience, ASU’s Political Science program concentrates on worthy topics such as political philosophy, law and politics, campaigns and elections, economic development, and much more!

BS in Political Science

4. Walden University
Walden’s variety of options in political science concentrations makes them our #4 choice! From a general political science degree to one with a focus on global issues and social justice, Walden offers concentrations for determined students seeking to direct their attention to a specific problem or area.

BS in Political Science & Public Administration – General
BS in Political Science & Public Administration – Global Issues and Social Justice

5. The George Washington University
As one of the only online schools that offer a Master’s in Political Management, GWU is our 5th choice. Students interested in making a positive difference in their community will find this program most ideal. The program will focus on advanced political skills, advocacy politics, and electoral politics to prepare students for any career goals they have ahead.

Master’s in Political Management

Harvard University
Harvard University’s dedication to excellence has resulted in the program that has been consistently named the nation’s top college for political science in recent history. Harvard’s curriculum combines historical, institutional and philosophical approaches. In recent years, the Government Department has added studies in quantitative, behavioral, and formal theoretical approaches. This has resulted in an outstanding blend of the traditional and contemporary to prepare graduates for a life in politics. No less than seven U.S. Presidents attended Harvard. Harvard University has the largest university library in the world, and students may benefit from numerous programs and seminars. Students are encouraged to pursue individual disciplines within the umbrella of studies comprising the complex field of political science. Generous financial aid resources, the culture and history of the Boston area, and Harvard’s rich Ivy League tradition make Harvard the top choice of many political science students.

Yale University
Yale’s faculty has been recruited from all over the world, and includes leaders within all the major disciplines of political science with diverse philosophies. The Yale faculty takes active roles in related programs, including Health Policy, Globalization, and Social and Policy Studies, as well as the Program in Ethics, Politics, and Economics. The typical graduate student receives more than $250,000 in financial aid. Five U.S. Presidents attended Yale.

Princeton has traditionally been considered one of the best political science departments in U. S. education. With almost 60 faculty members, the Political Science Department is one of the universities largest. Technical training is state-of-the-art along with traditional instruction. A wide range of seminars, colloquia, and research opportunities are available to students.

Stanford’s goal at the doctorate level is the training of scholars. Only 12 to 15 students are chosen for the program each year, allowing for a very small teacher-to-student ratio. The size of the program also assures that most students will be eligible for financial assistance. Students and advisors choose from focus areas including American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Methodology, Political Institutions, and Political Theory.

University of California, Berkeley
The political science program at the University of California, Berkeley, is one of the nations finest. Fifty-two faculty members provide outstanding leadership within the vast range of sub-disciplines of political science. Many faculty members have joint appointments in other departments and schools, including sociology, economics, law, information, and business. Courses may emphasize critical reading and analytical writing, and classes range in size from 18-450 students.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
The University of Michigan’s political science program has consistently been rated as one of the top programs in the country. The program’s primary goal is the development of scholars who carry on the tradition of excellence in teaching and research. There is a wide variety of specialty areas, and students are encouraged to tailor their program to meet their needs and interests.

University of Chicago
The first political scientist to receive a Nobel Prize for his efforts, Herbert Simon received his Doctorate from the University of Chicago. The college prides itself on pushing beyond traditional boundaries and describes itself as "committed to providing the most rigorous and inventive education experience in the country."

Duke University
Duke University is consistently named one of the top political science departments in the U.S. With its excellent placement record, a recent study ranked Duke one of the top two programs nationally in overall graduate student satisfaction. Sub-disciplines include American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Political Theory and Methods. Students can also pursue a course of study around a common theme, such as Race, Ethnicity and Politics. At the graduate level, the ratio of students to faculty is 2:1.

University of California, Los Angeles
UCLA’s political science department sub-disciplines include Political Theory, International Relations, American Politics, Comparative Politics, Methodology, and Race, Ethnicity and Politics. The department has gained distinction in political economy, comparative politics, and political theory.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Research areas at MIT include American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Models and Methods, Political Economy, and Security Studies. The program is highly selective, admitting only a small number of students. Most graduate level classes are held in a seminar format. This college enjoys a reputation for excellence and consistently ranks among the top ten political science programs in the country.

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