HVAC Technician Training and Schools

HVAC technician job skills are based around the repair and maintenance of refrigerators, air conditioners, heaters, and ventilation systems. They must be skilled at both diagnosing the problems of these items as well as the repair and maintenance of them. The HVAC technician also installs system for both residential and commercial concerns.

Education Requirements

There are three methods of acquiring the necessary skills for this job. Those methods are on-the-job training, apprenticeship, and traditional education. The education requirements involve learning to solder metal, diagnose problems with pipe work and engineering concerns for small motors, and the ability to thoroughly clean components. In many states an apprenticeship program is required as the individual seeking to become a HVAC technician must be fully licensed under the strict guidelines of the environmental protection agency. This is especially true when the technician is dealing with refrigerants.

Skills Required

An HVAC technician must have a wide array of knowledge in heating and ventilation theory alongside mechanical skills for repair. These skills involve soldering sheet metal, the ability to read blue prints, and logical thinking in a critical manner. Some ventilation and air-conditioning repair jobs will be vital to the health and well-being of an occupant due to medical issues. The ability to think critically and repair a system with a logical mindset is vital for efficiency.

Job Outlook

The HVAC technician profession is one that requires intricate knowledge and skills. It takes several years to be considered truly competent at this profession. Given the fact that these technicians remain in high demand they are paid a solid wage. The typical hourly earning rate for these professionals is between $13 and $33 per hour depending upon whether they are full trained or in mi-apprenticeship. The average yearly earnings are around $43,880. There are some technicians which make considerably more.

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