The George Washington University Online Review

George Washington University is the largest educational institution in District of Columbia. Just steps from White House, its campus is regularly visited by US presidents, and other notable Head of States. Accordingly, GWU is internationally recognized for its programs in international affairs, journalism and political science.

George Washington University Programs Online

Master degrees are offered in professional studies, education, medicine and business. Whereas, distance undergraduate degrees are mostly offered in health science discipline. There are two types of study options which are categorized as fully online program or a combined online on-campus version. Among fully online programs, 13 are graduate level leading to a Masters degree, three are undergraduate programs, and one leads to Associate degree. Besides, there are 11 graduate courses and an undergraduate course offering complete credit transfer opportunity. Similarly, students can also enroll in online on-campus studies which include four graduate level programs, three undergraduate, and one PhD program which are specifically designed to integrate off-campus studies. The University also offers variety of individual online courses for non-degree students.

George Washington University Accreditation

All online courses are accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools whereas its specialty schools are members of their respective associations such as American Bar Association, and American Medical Association. Getting a degree from George Washington University makes sure that students are able to complete all the requirements of their professional field.

George Washington University Tuition Cost

Although graduate tuition is approximately $1,118 per credit hour, but costs vary depending on the type of program. For online courses, tuition fee may be considerably less than on-campus fee. For example, all online business programs charge on-campus fee, but programs in health sciences and education cost $571 and $395 per credit hour, respectively. Education can be funded by various resources including assistant-ship, scholarship, loan, research grant and federal work study, among other options. Irrespective of status, the University offers need based scholarships.

George Washington University  Student Satisfaction

In winter 2006 issue of Journal of Online Leaning, a survey was conducted by two prominent researchers regarding GWU online programs. The survey revealed that students were overall satisfied with online programs, but complained of excessive workload and limited support by instructors. Most students praised the clear objectives of courses and liked how courses are evaluated. Students also gave high ratings to instructors and seemed to agree that the objectives of online programs have been met. Furthermore, the difference between on-campus courses and online courses was not significantly large. Still, the University has its share of controversies surrounding teaching practices, discrimination and violence.

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