Sports Management Colleges

Why Attend a Sports Management College?

A Sports Management College provides students interested in working in field of sports the opportunity to work with related non profit organizations, corporations, management positions, sports teams and other sports oriented areas. Many major universities and colleges, as well as online colleges and universities, have Sports Management Colleges for prospective students. Sports in many modern societies have become a staple area for financial growth and opportunity. People already working in the sports market may find a higher degree provides them with opportunities for advancement or welcomed larger responsibility. The training an individual can receive in a Sports Management College will allow him/her access to a rapidly growing industry experiencing a boom in job availability.

Top 4 Sports Management Schools

Certificates / Degrees Available

In most college and university programs offering a degree in Sports Management, there are several levels of certification and education a student can acquire. A prospective student can earn a certificate, bachelors, masters, and PhD degree depending on which institution he/she chooses to attend. Each level of education provides access to a variety of jobs or avenues for earning larger salaries. The Sports Management Certificate can allow an individual a firm foundation for pursuing a bachelors and masters in this area. Some of the more common degrees a person can obtain in a Sports Management College are: Sports Management Certificate / Diploma?Bachelor Degree in Sports Management?Bachelor of Science in Sports Management Fitness and Wellness?Masters Degree in Sports Management?Masters of Arts in Organizational Management or Sports Management?Masters of Science in Sports Management Studies?Doctorate of Philosophy in Sports Management (Typically found at large scale universities)

Jobs for Individuals with Sports Management Degrees

Once an person earns a certificate, degree, or multiple degrees in the sports field, he/she may pursue a position in a fast moving sports industry. The jobs can range from entry level to management depending on the amount of experience and education a person has. Various jobs include management positions, marketing positions (with companies representing teams or generic sports product companies), and event planning and implementation. Other possible jobs an individual could obtain once earning a degree in Sports Management are:

  • Sports Marketing
  • Account Executive
  • Media and Community Relations
  • Ticket Promotions and Sales
  • Venue and Stadium Management
  • Business Operations

There are a number of available positions for a person with a degree in this field. The opportunities are limitless in the sports market.

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