Social Worker Education and Jobs

Social work is one of the most rewarding careers out there for those interested in a career that works to make the world a better place. The most popular position within the field is social worker.

Definition of social worker

Social workers are part of the growing field of those that help people and improve the quality of life. What sets a social worker apart from other professions is that the social worker focuses on the individual and the environment in order to alleviate problems.

Education Requirements to Become a Social Worker

In most places, it is required that the social worker have a Bachelors of Social Work in order to work there. However, as with everything, there are a few exceptions. Many places of employment will accept a person who has Bachelor degrees in Psychology or Sociology. These are required for those entry level positions in the field. For those that want to have advanced careers as social workers, or to take their social work to another level as a researcher, then it is required that they have a Masters of Social Work. In addition, you should check out your states specific requirements, as many require licenses and certification before you can begin employment.

Skills necessary to Become a Social Worker

There are a number of skills that someone must have in order to become a social worker. This not a complete list, but should give you a good idea:

First and foremost, a desire to help people


Not easily emotional, as many cases will test your emotions

Ability to remain objective

Job and Career Outlook for a Social Worker

A social worker earns on average of $42,120 per year. The job outlook for social workers are expected to grow faster than many other fields through 2014 according to the government research.

Once a person has earned the years of experience that on the job situations have given them, then they can advance to higher positions within the company that they work for. However, for those with just a Bachelors degree, it may require more schooling to get these advancements.

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