Become a Security Guard

Seeing security guards has become a common site nowadays. Whether it is a parking lot, bank or school, the services of security guards is used in many places. Security guards main role is to observe any unwanted or illegal activity of the premise he or she is watching. It is the first line of defense towards any illegal activity that could happen in a specific area. Many people view the job as a glorified bouncer. This is simply not true. In order to become a proficient security guard, it takes a good sense of responsibility and dedication and not to mention some training.

In most states before you can apply for this job, you will have to get a “guard card” which is a type of certificate proving you have passed the necessary training requirements. It can only be obtained after attending classes tailored for security guards. This type of qualification can be given by a private security firm or directly through an employer. Classes will depend on what type of security work will be done. For example a relatively simple task of keeping an eye on a parking lot will not be as difficult as a bank security job and so on.

The basic qualification required to get a guard card is a high school diploma, although more and more aspirants are applying after getting a college degree. It is possible to look at this job as a serious career path. The pay and benefits are considered to be very competitive. Not only that, it will usually come with flexible working hours. Since 9/11 security has tightened in many places. The result is, more and more companies are starting to hire security guards, either on their own or through a security agency. What all this means is that getting this job is a bit more difficult than before, because of the higher number of applicants. The average salary of a security guard is $24,070 per year.

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