Respiratory Therapist Training

The need for high quality medical care specialists is increasing in the United State every day and respiratory therapy is a specialty in high demand and has the potential for advancement and growth in the medical field.

Definition of respiratory therapist

A respiratory therapist is responsible for treating patients with certain breathing ailments, such as emphysema, asthma, or other cardiopulmonary conditions. Therapists deal with patients of all ages including premature babies who have not fully developed the proper lung capacity, and stroke and heart attack patients.

Other duties of respiratory therapists include, providing preventative methods to patients, determining proper exercise for improvement of breathing, diagnosis, testing, conducting physical exams, operating medical equipment, purchasing supplies, equipment, and medical supplies.

Educational Requirements to Become a respiratory therapist

Highly specialized jobs in the medical field, such as respiratory therapist require certificated in respiratory therapy, and a 2-year associate’s degree or 4-year associate’s degree, depending on the requirements of the medical facility is required. To become a certified respiratory therapist, you must be able to pass a primary certification examination, followed by a clinical stimulation exam.

Skills Necessary to Become a respiratory therapist

Must possess people skill in order to interact with patients and families to obtain medical histories
Ability to interact with other health care professional for consultations
Ability to think fast in emergency situations
Organizational skills for maintaining medical records

Job and Career Outlook for a respiratory therapist

The size and location of the medical facility and experience are determining factors in salary. The average salary for respiratory therapists is $56,290. With more experienced respiratory therapist earning up to $76,750 per year. Advancements and job performance are important to advance in the profession, with further educational possibilities; a person can earn a substantially higher income.

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