Becoming a Probation Officer

A probation officer position comes with a lot of responsibility. Just as a school teacher is charged with the task of helping children become educated and responsible, so is the probation officer. A probation officer is responsible for counseling the offender and trying to keep them from lapsing into criminal behavior again.

The offender usually is glad to be on probation and not in prison. In prison the offender has someone watching his every move, but on probation, they meet with their probation officer once every week or two. This is a lot more freedom, however, if they break any probation rules, they must then be sent to jail.

The probation officer is allowed to meet with the person on the program, in their home, their families home, or place of employment . They will help the offender on probation to try and find gainful employment and arrange any plans for training and rehabilitation that is needed.

A probation officer needs to be in good physical and mental shape. They must also have a degree in criminal law or social work. Once a probation officer is working, they must obtain about 40 hours of additional training every year to keep that position. Good writing skills are important also, because there are many reports to be written.

A career as a probation officer is still in great demand and is projected to grow on the average ,as other occupations through 2014. Prisons are too full, so law makers are re-evaluating some of the laws, in order to release some of the lessor aggressive offenders back into society.

The mid range earnings of a probation officer is around $41,000.00 per year. Higher wages tend to be found in urban areas. A career as a probation officer is a great way to enjoy personal satisfaction by helping the offenders become productive members of society.

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