Preschool Teacher Training

Preschools provide children who are not yet old enough to attend kindergarten an opportunity for the child to obtain social skills especially if they have been an only child at home with a parent, as well as some educational skills needed for kindergarten. The following is some facts and criteria needed in order to become a preschool teacher.

Definition of preschool teacher

A preschool teacher is responsible for helping to prepare preschoolers for entrance into kindergarten, helping prepare them with skills in math, language, social studies, and science. Preschool teachers use music, artwork, books, games and even computers in giving the children basic skills in these subjects. Not only will you be teaching skills in school subjects, you will be responsible in teaching social skills and behavior skills, helping children deal with new environments they are now facing.

Educational Requirements to become a preschool teacher

Educational requirements differ from state to state, most require at least an associate’s degree while other may require a bachelor’s degree. Other courses such as early childhood psychology may also be required, which is a crucial skill to help dealing with the differences in a child’s family life as well as interaction skills.

Skills Necessary to become a preschool teacher

Must have excellent communication skills, with the ability to interact with preschool children
Must be able to remain patient during difficult situations
Must show enthusiasm and a happy attitude
Must be versatile and multi-tasked, able to handle several tasks at one time, while offering a variety of activities
Must have excellent organization skill

Job and Career Outlook for a preschool teacher

Being a preschool teacher is more about having a rewarding career than having a high compensation package. Most preschool teacher start out with average earnings of $18,420 per year, with additional education in languages such as Spanish or even sign language can raise the yearly salary. If you choose to advance your teaching level and gain certifications in kindergarten or grade school level you can earn up to $49,660 per year depending on the region you choose to teach in.

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