Portland State University Online Review

PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY (PSU) is a part of the Oregon University system, meaning it is a publicly-funded university in Oregon. PSU has the distinction of being the only urban school in the Oregon University system. PSU is in the heart of downtown Portland, a bustling “green” city. PSU is home to 26,000 students, of which (16,000) use online education to further their education.

Portland State University Online ONLINE EDUCATION

Online education is convenient, flexible, and is designed to to accommodate those with busy schedules that cannot come to campus for any or all of their classes. Online education combines a mixture of fully online courses and hybrid courses, which mean students may come to campus once or more during a term. There are also traditional classes that use WebCT resources to enhance curriculum.

Portland State University Online Courses and Degree Offerings

PSU offers more than 200 classes fully online and another 250 which are least partially online, with 12 degree and certificate programs. The online Batchelor degree programs offered are Liberal Studies and Criminal Justice and the online Master Degree programs a student can receive are MBA, MSW, Masters of Systems Engineering and Software Engineer. Besides degree programs, there are also certificate programs offered in education, counseling and an independent study program.

Portland State University Online Tuition and Financial Aid

The cost for PSU varies depending on enrollment status and residency and ranges from $230 a credit to a full time student tuition of approximately $3,000. PSU offers a variety of financial aid options for students including grants, loans, work study and for some veteran’s benefits. It is important that all students fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to receive offer of all financial aid from the school.

Portland State University Online Student Satisfaction

PSU’s Office of Research and Planning conducted a survey in 2007 (Portland State University, Research Update, vol 2) found that more than 50% of the student body surveyed were happy with their education. More than 70% of the students interviewed felt that their classes were intellectually stimulating and interesting. Online education at PSU is a non-traditional, yet rewarding education experience. A student can not only obtain a degree, but do so from the comfort of their home, which makes this the right choice for busy adults that need the option of an flexible degree program.

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