Personal Care Aide

Healthcare is an occupation full of job opportunities that will always be in need for workers that are compassionate, caring and giving. A great way to find out if the healthcare or the nursing field is the right choice, one may start out as a personal care aide. They assist in multitude of tasks helping residents with daily activities from dressing to meal assistance, but one has to love to be around people whether they are happy or sad.
Each state has their own laws or rules to becoming a personal care aide. Some states do not require testing, but more of a hands-on learning. Other states require that one takes a test to prove the ability of being able to assist patients in the everyday routine of dressing, transferring, personal grooming and assist with walking. Check with the state laws to see what the state requirements are. Administering medicines, wound care and performing cpr may require further training or certification.
The salary for an aide varies. Larger cities average about eleven dollars to start and usually offer higher pay after the ninety day probation or after certification. Specialized facilities tend to pay more. The job advancement is endless with further training. If one has worked as an aid, it will help with broadening careers if one chooses to be a nurse, a doctor or a therapist, because of training one has had in advance.
If you love being around people, assisting with different tasks, spending recreational time with a group, providing a hand to hold when someone is feeling down, smiling and taking care of someone who is ill, then this would be a great job for you. The benefits of being a personal care aide go a lot further than the pay. Smiles aren’t measured in dollar amounts.

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