Nova Southeastern University Online Review

Nova Southeastern University offers several degree programs to students all over the world. The classes are taught to students through an online database, where students and instructors communicate through e-mail, discussion boards, and chats.

What Degrees are offered at Nova Southeastern University?

Some of the online programs offered by NSU are Certificate programs such as as Graduate Certificate in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Graduate Certificate in Peace Studies, Substance Abuse Studies, College Student Personnel Administration, Peace Studies, Health Care Conflict Resolution, Family Systems Health Care, and Family Studies. Some of the programs they offer for a Bachelor degree are Business Professional Management, Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems.

They also offer Masters Degrees in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Cross-disciplinary Studies, College Student Affairs, and Doctoral degrees in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, DBA and DCIS.

Who gives Accreditation to this University?

Nova Southestern University offers seventy six undergraduate, master’s dotoral, and certificate programs. All of these programs have been certified for the SREB, or Southern Regional Education Board’s Electronic Campus, and approved for good practice and principles. NSU is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools for all of their associates, bachelors, masters, certifications, and doctoral degrees.

Tuition Costs and Financial Aid Options

The average tuition cost for this university is around $21,100 a year which includes tuition and fees. Additional costs for books, room and board, as well as other expenses, bring the total cost of attendance to around $34,572 a year. Nova Southeaster University offers financial aid assistance such as federal loans, state loans, or university loans. They also offer students the opportunity to use federal Pell grants, state grants or scholarships, as well as academic scholarships that are awarded for excellent performance.

Student Satisfaction

Sixty five percent of first year students continue their education at Nova Southeastern University. Thirty one percent of students are able to graduate within four years. Nova Southeaster University conducts a student satisfaction survey annually in order to find which ways students are satisfied with their educational experience. The highest satisfaction was evident in areas related to program delivery, faculty, learning environment, and instructions.

Scams / Complaints

A Rip-off report was filed on Nova Southeastern University that alleges the university continually fails to disburse student refunds from federal loans. Several students report not being given their return checks. Instead of students receiving their money, the money was forfeited to the university.

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