Norwich University Online Review

Norwich University will develop leadership skills in every student: confidence, discipline, adaptability and critical thinking, and integrity. With the skills equipped, a graduate from Norwich University can pursue and reach the top of his career in no time.

Fostered by a vibrant environment and supportive fellow student body, students at Norwich University do not only compete with one another but also help one another to succeed. With interactive classes, extensive learning curricular, hands-on experience, friendly relationship between the faculty and the students, Norwich University are proud to provide the best learning experience to anyone who strive to excel.

Featured as a military university, Norwich University has a long tradition for excellence. The 190-year-old formula for success at the school is ?One-on-One + Balance + Communications + Experiential = Success?. At this university, you receive one-on-one tutorials with your professors, not your TAs or some graduate students. You can create a balance between your work and life and will learn how to communicate effectively with any group of people. You will receive hands-on experiences from out-of-the-books, real undergraduate research, internships, labs. These skills and experiences are invaluable in helping you gain whatever you want in life.

Graduates from Norwich University have been admired for their strong work ethic and problem solving skills.

Norwich Degree Programs Online

Norwich University offers various courses but the major schools are as follows: ? Architecture and art ? Business and management ? Engineering ? Humanities ? Mathematics and sciences ? Social sciences ? National services There are two levels of study: undergraduate and graduate degree.

Norwich University Online Accreditation

Norwich University is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. With a worldly recognized degree graduates can apply for jobs in any countries and compete with any student from other established schools throughout the US and the world. There are approximately 80 clubs and organizations, including academic, athletic, musical, religious, literary and social societies. No matter what areas you interest, you can find your like-minded fellow students here at Norwich University.

The cost of tuition per year (as of 2010-2011) is $27,256. Room and board (on campus) can cost you $9,958. To ensure the safety of every student, Norwich University requires every student to apply for medical insurance which will cost approximately $1,143. Every year, there are thousands of eligible students awarded with financial aids. There are many types of financial aid students can apply: grants and scholarships, loans and work-study program. Over $50 million in all types of financial aid is available to help students with financial difficulties.

All senior students at Norwich University are more than happy to re-choose the university if they would be given a second chance. With a vigorous student body, Norwich University offers great support for each student alongside with strong competitions among students.

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