Northwestern University Online Review

Founded in 1851 Northwestern University has grown into an institution that boasts of being able to provide both students and faculty exceptional opportunities for growth on a personal, professional and intellectual level. Northwestern University has 3 campuses within the United States, with another campus in Doha, Qatar. Northwestern University has around 2,500 full time faculty members, many of whom are well known names throughout a variety of industries. Northwestern University is fully accredited and recognized worldwide.

Northwestern University Online programs offered

Northwestern University offers hundreds of programs in dozens of different fields, some of these include, Accounting, Engineering, Medicine, law, Psychology, Art History, Health Services, History, Information Technology, Journalism, Music, Physics and Astronomy, Physical Health, Religion, Stage Design, Theater and Drama, Writing for screen and Stage.

This is just a sample of what is on offer at Northwestern University. Northwestern university offers a full range of under graduate, graduate and professional programs.

Northwestern University Online  Tuition and fees

It is hard to give an accurate description of the costs involved with attending Northwestern University as the Tuition is different for each school located within the confines of the university, for example if you are studying business then you would be attending the Kellogg school of management and if you were studying medicine you would be attending the Feinberg school of medicine. To give you an idea if you were studying to become a doctor then you would be looking at upwards of sixty thousand dollars a year where as a full time student studying for an MBA at the Kellogg school of management would be looking at around the twenty thousand dollar range.

Northwestern University Online Financial Aid and Scholarships

Funding your studies can be a complex and mind blowing experience and you might have to take a course to try and understand what your options are, but if you don’t have the time for that then Northwestern University do have financial aid offices staffed with people in the know that can help you find out what is available to you. These people will guide you through the maze that is education grants through the government, and student loans they will provide information on private loans and also have a list of preferred student loan providers. Northwestern University also have a section on their website where you can learn about tax credits and deductions and you can also download forms that you might need for loans and credits.

Northwestern University Online Overall Student Satisfaction

Northwestern is a large and diverse university, with thousands of students attending their many schools each year but having said this there report card is not so bad. It is generally agreed that the standard of education is an A, the athletics program not far behind with a B+ things like campus dining and parking where found to be a little off the mark with a C, but overall the most important things made the grade.

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