Motivational Ideas: How Post-Its Inspired Me


At the beginning of this academic year I made a decision that I would attend every single one of my lectures. In order to do this I knew that I would need a little bit of inspiration to get me out of bed for those 9:00am lectures. It was at this point that I began a post-it “count-up” of the number of days I’d been to all of my lectures.

I took a post-it and hung it in front of my bed for me to see every single morning. As the days went on, I increased the number on the post-it until I eventually reached 13. Unfortunately, that night my housemate had people over until 3:00am meaning they kept me up and I slept through my alarm clock but I’m getting back into the swing of things and at least now I have a target to beat.

I know this method sounds a bit silly but it works for me and I would recommend it to anyone trying to get into a good habit. I think it worked so well for me because I’m very competitive and always need a score to beat. So try it out! Let me know what you think. Do you have any rituals that help to keep you motivated?

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