Medical Assistant

When someone thinks about becoming a medical assistant, they must take several things into consideration. First of all, what kind of training and education do you need to be qualified for the job? Second, how do you obtain these requirements and where do you go to get them? Thirdly, is there a need for this type of job and what kind of salary can you expect to make? These issues will be addressed here in the hopes that it will make it easier for you to achieve your goal of becoming a medical assistant.

Medical Assistant Requirements/Certification

While there are no state-mandated requirements for someone becoming a medical assistant, employers will normally only hire someone who is certified and has had some type of experience in the field. To be able to take a medical assisting exam to be certified you will need at least a high school diploma and an accredited school medical assistant vocational training diploma. This will earn you the title of a Registered Medical Assistant, enabling you to secure a job much easier as well as earn a higher salary. Any medical assistant who is not an RMA can automatically qualify to take the test by working at least five years in a row as a medical assistant.

Medical Assistant Training

The training that is available for a medical assistant includes two types of programs. You can earn an accelerated degree known as an MA Diploma by taking a nine to twelve month medical assistant program. You can also earn an Associates Degree through a community or junior college. Since many of these institutions offer hands-on training, you will receive both the training and the education you need to pursue a career as a medical assistant.

Medical Assistant Schools and Courses

There are a number of schools offering the courses you need to complete your medical assistant training and education. By simply doing a search for the city you are in you can come up with medical training schools that are located in your area as well as the programs they offer. When looking for a school you should ask yourself several questions to find the best one that might be right for you. The first thing you might want to consider is if the school is accredited or not. An accredited school means a better chance and a broader choice of employment.

Some things you should ask about the school would be “How long have they been accredited?” “When was the school founded?”, “What are the qualities of the faculty?”, and “How many people are in the classrooms?” You will also want to consider schools that fit into your budget or offer financial assistance, as well as institutions that offer a job placement program.

There are a number of courses you can take as part of your medical assistant education and training. They include things like:
*Introduction to Patient Medications
*EKG and Lab testing
*Emergency Care
*Scheduling appointments
*Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology
*Medical Terminology

There are many more courses offered as well. It is best to check with a counselor at the school you are interested in attending to determine what courses will help you meet the requirements for the particular job that interests you.

Medical Assistant Jobs

The college or institution you are attending should have some kind of employment program available. This is an important requirement prior to choosing a school. If for some reason they do not have a job placement program or for some reason you are unable to be placed with an employer, there are many ways you can find a medical assistant job. There are many online classified ad websites that have a multitude of listings for medical assistant jobs. You can also grab a newspaper and check out the classified ads there. The medical industry is one that is normally always hiring, so the main thing is really just making sure you have the proper qualifications.

Medical Assistant Salary

It is only logical that you would wonder what kind of money you can expect to make as a medical assistant. The average salary for a medical assistant these days is approximately $29,610 per year.

Hopefully all of your questions about how to become a medical assistant have been answered. By keeping all of these things in mind and following the path that has been laid out before you, you can be on your way to your own career as a medical assistant and provide yourself with the quality of life you desire, as well as having a hand in taking care of others.

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