Kaplan University Online Review

An Overview of Kaplan University

The History of Kaplan University

Kaplan University is a well-known university with an impressive history that spans an entire era. It was in 1938 that Kaplan came onto the scene, changing the field of education with the introduction of test preparation and tutoring. It began when Stanley Kaplan started a small tutoring business that was particularly appealing to immigrants. Mr. Kaplan couldn't have ever dreamed that this small business, which originated in his parents' basement, would grow to become internationally known as a one of the top names in online education and test preparation. In the 1940's, as standardized tests became popular with universities, Stanley Kaplan realized the impact test preparation could have on students' standardized test scores. This wasn't a popular belief in the field of education, but Mr. Kaplan persevered with this theory in mind. It wasn't until 1975 that the Federal Trade Commission recognized Kaplan’s efforts as beneficial. In fact, it was then that universities were required by legislation to publicize their admissions process in an attempt to promote attainability to those less confident in their ability to be successful in college. The Kaplan Company continued to flourish and had over 100 test preparation centers by the mid-1980's. It was also in the 1980's that the Washington Post acquired Kaplan. Kaplan welcomed its first overseas center in 1993 with the opening of a London site. The 1990's were booming for Kaplan University. It was in the late 1990's that Kaplan expanded, moving into several new directions. Kaplan began offering after-school tutoring programs designed for K-12 students, professional training, and higher education. With this shift, Kaplan acquired several companies and the success continued. By the early 2000's, online education was Kaplan's largest market. Even though the online programs started out quite small, serving just a few students, Kaplan University now has more than 59,000 students and more than 100 degrees and programs of study. By 2005, Kaplan had revenues that exceeded the billion-dollar mark and was continuing to grow internationally with locations in 19 countries. In 2008, Kaplan, Inc. shifted its focus again, offering programs that were designed for working adults.

Kaplan Univery Student Satisfaction and Accreditation

Request FREE Information from Kaplan University Now! With this extensive history of growth and diversity, it's no wonder that student satisfaction surveys consistently reveal a high level of student satisfaction and retention rates. Kaplan University is highly accredited  by the Higher Learning Commission. Kaplan is also a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Kaplan University Online Degree Acceptance

Request FREE Information from Kaplan University Now! Additionally, each of Kaplan University's various programs are individually recognized and accepted in the states in which they operate.This confirms that students in degree programs will be eligible for state and/or federal financial aid and that students are enrolled in programs recognized by credentialing agencies, such as a particular state's Board of Nursing. This is often a top concern when considering online education.

Kaplan University Online Degrees and Programs of Study

Request FREE Information from Kaplan University Now! Today, Kaplan University offers over 125 degrees and programs of study in areas such as Teacher Education, Health Services, Information Systems and Technology, Nursing, Criminal Justice, Business Management, and more. Students can earn an Associate's, Bachelor's, or Master's Degree in most fields.

Kaplan University Tuition

Request FREE Information from Kaplan University Now! As opposed to traditional universities, Kaplan University offers a very reasonable tuition plan. Classes average $350 per credit hour. At Kaplan University, books and materials, which can often surpass the cost of tuition, are included in this rate. Discounted rates are available for members or veterans of the military and employer reimbursement is often an option for those pursuing a degree in order to advance within their company. Kaplan also rewards many scholarships to assist students in the financial aspect of pursuing higher education.

Kaplan University Online Financial Aid: Scholarships and Loans

Request FREE Information from Kaplan University Now! Financial aid is available in the form of federal grants, or money that does not have to be repaid. These are often need-based and awarded exclusively to students demonstrating financial need. Federal student loans, such as PLUS and Stafford loans, are also available. There are many state and privately funded loans that can assist with tuition costs as well.

Complaints/Legal Action Associated with Kaplan University

Request FREE Information from Kaplan University Now! While Kaplan University has maintained a dynamic reputation for almost a century, there are accusations that the university is involved in scam activity. The financial aid department at various locations is usually the focal point of the complaints. Accusations are made which allege that financial aid disbursements are not made and that students are coerced into accepting student loans that are not needed, nor desired, by the student. Many of the complainants seem to have had an issue with an individual or an individual office. While rare, complaints do exist that pertain to the quality of education offered by Kaplan University. An online search will reveal many mentions of class action lawsuits, based on fraud.

Overall Review of Kaplan University Online

Request FREE Information from Kaplan University Now! Kaplan University is an online, accredited, higher education institute that offers over 125 degrees and programs of study. Kaplan was rated as the number one online university in America. Reasonably priced, yet still offering financial assistance, Kaplan's rates include book and material fees. As with any large company, complaints and rumors of lawsuits exist. Based on the evidence presented, Kaplan appears to have outstanding opportunities for those who are unable to attend traditional college campuses.

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