Interior designer

Interior designing is perhaps as old as humankind itself. Even during the caveman days, People used leaves, twigs and animal skin to decorate the interior part of the cave. This tradition continues to this day and people still use leaves, twigs and animal skin to decorate their homes. The term “interior designer” is around a hundred years old and it has been recognized as a distinctive art form for at least as long. The job description of the interior designer is in the name itself, they are responsible for making the inside of a house or building look as good as possible.

It is a creative field and like other creative endeavors, requires the person have a certain amount of talent. In old days, it was possible for anyone who had artistic sensibilities to go out and look for work. Nowadays more and more people are hiring interior designers who have a formal academic education in this field. There are basically 3 different types of qualifications that come with this work. They are Diploma, HND and BA in interior design. The diploma course is 18 months, requires a high school diploma. However if you learn from an online school and have plenty of time at your disposal, it’s possible to finish it as early as 1 year.

HND courses can only be pursued after finishing the diploma. It will generally take 2 years or sixty semester credits in an accredited university. The final grade will depend on an exam involving a major project. The project will have to include everything you learnt during the course. To acquire a BA, you will need to finish the HND portion. It will include subjects such as computer aided design (CAD), methodology, dissertation and a final project. It will require 120 credits and can be finished within a year. The job forecast looks very good for both independent designers as well as those who would like to work in a firm. The average annual salary is $48,500.

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