How to Become a Gunsmith

The gunsmith profession is one designed around the concept of building, repairing, and refitting firearms. The job is one that appeals mainly to people that love guns as there will be a great deal of test firing necessary to make certain a gun works appropriately.

Educational Requirements

This profession requires detailed knowledge of how to operate, repair, and modify firearms. This knowledge can be acquired through vocational schools, community colleges, and apprenticeship programs. Many people choose to acquire both official and apprenticeship knowledge. It is important to spend at least two to three years working with a master gunsmith before opening a shop.

Skill requirements

The skills a gunsmith requires include the ability to diagnose issues with a firearm. They must also be able to repair said issues. The ability to fire and use firearms effectively is a requirement as well. The gunsmith must be able to determine the alignment of the sights, clean the weapon thoroughly, and machine or replace parts as needed. Beyond these factors the gunsmith will also require a FFL (federal firearm license). The legalities of this profession require the individual to know about gun safety as well as intricate and detailed aspects of a given weapon.

Job and Career Outlook

This profession is a hard one to break into initially because human beings are creatures of habit. A new gunsmith should consider working for an established individual in the business so that they can have steady work, build skills, reputation, and a contact base. This is a steadily growing job market and there are always going to be individuals that need firearms to defend themselves, hunt, or simply to collect. The typical gunsmith earns between twenty and forty thousand dollars per years. Fully established master gunsmiths can often make a great deal more money than this due to their ability to perfectly custom create a weapon to any individual’s specifications.

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