How To Be A Badass Part 2


A couple of months ago I wrote an article teaching you how to be a badass. In case you missed it, [intlink id="704" type="post"]check this out[/intlink]. Well since you guys seemed to love it, and we could all use a little advice on being a badass, I decided to give you part 2 on How To Be A Badass.  Enjoy!

  1. Create Your Own Opportunity - a badass realizes that opportunity isn’t going to knock on his door, so he creates his own opportunity and seizes the day.
  2. Learn to disappear - That’s right folks, nothing is more badass than a person able to disappear at will.
  3. Train Vigorously - becoming a badass isn’t going to happen overnight.  One must be training always in order to achieve a higher level of badassness.
  4. No Fear - a badass is one who conquers fears: Fight the shark, skydive, charm the snake, have dinner with the in-laws.  Whatever you fear most, you must conquer that fear.
  5. Seek Knowledge – a badass understands that there is always room to grow, and with that in mind seeks knowledge on a daily basis.
  6. Make Up Your Own TitleYou know how doctors have M.D. and Ph.D.? Well there is no reason why a badass shouldn’t have a title also.  Make one up and sign your name with it always.
  7. No TV - a real badass doesn’t have time to waste with things like TV.
  8. Be The Best at Everything You Doit’s hard work, but a badass is awesome at pretty much everything.  Badasses can jump over fences, score a 34 on the MCAT, knit an awesome sweater, and make the best food you’ve ever eaten.  That’s right, you have a lot of work to do.
  9. Ride a Motorcycle or Horse but never a scooter.  I don’t think this one needs explaining.
  10. Learn a Few Good Magic Tricks but never tell anyone how they are done.  A real badass always has a few good tricks up his sleeve.
  11. Have a Master Craft - a real badass is probably the best person in the entire world at atleast 1 thing.  Choose your craft well and become the master of it.
  12. Straddle the Line of Your Comfort Zone – a badass realizes that it is important to be ready for anything, and for that reason always pushes the line of his comfort zone.
  13. Dress Different, but with Style – a real badass isn’t trying to fit in or sport the latest fads.  We are impressed with classic styles, like The Fonz, Dick Tracy, or James Bond.
  14. Always Be In Control - It may not look like it to others, but a badass is always in control of his own situation.
  15. Don’t Tolerate B.S.You know that guy who always tells stories that nobody cares about?  Well a badass doesn’t tolerate that guy and his crappy stories.  Badasses don’t have time or care for b.s. and just wont have it.
  16. Live on the Edge - You know how badasses always seem so much more exciting than you?  That’s because they are!  They live on the edge and because of that they are way badass.
  17. Park in the back of the Parking Lotyou know how you always see that one person who parked far away in the back of the parking lot?  You better believe that he or she is a badass.
  18. Do What You Want – a badass doesn’t care what others think, they pursue life with their own motivations and convictions.  Until you can stop caring about what everyone thinks about you and what you do, you’ll never reach badassness.
  19. Make Others Feel Safe - A badass is ready for anything, and because of that people generally feel safer around a badass.
  20. Quintessentialnessa badass is real, all the time.  You’ll never catch them perpetrating or being fake.  They are quintessential badasses.
  21. Use umlauts in their nameIbrahim may not look like a super awesome name, but Íb?ä??M is pretty awesome.  The more you use the more badass you are.
  22. Get a Badass JobNobody who works at Wal-Mart or McDonalds will ever be a badass.
  23. Carry Fat Stacks - Badasses have huge wads of cash.  It doesn’t matter if they only have $40, because they have one $20 and 20 $1s.
  24. Carry a Weapon (but not a gun) – A good knife, nunchuck, or sword are all parts of the badasses arsenal.
  25. Awesome Quotes – badasses speak very little, but when they have something to say it’s powerful.  Use quotes like “It’s my way or the highway” to let people know you mean business.
  26. Always be Ready To Punch Someone in the Facekeep those jokers guessing.  If people know you won’t hesitate to punch them in the face, they will act right.

So there you have it.  These tips along with those from my previous article will defintely get you moving in the right direction.  Pass this along to others, the more badasses we can get in this world the better the world will be.  Go forth now, and be a badass!