Hospitality Management Schools

What are Hospitality Management Schools?

Hospitality Management Schools offer certifications and proffer knowledge that focus on the hospitality industry. They offer certifications to people who are interested in the proper and effective management of hospitality related operations like bars, restaurants, hotels, country clubs, amusements parks, conference centers, cruise ships, leisure center, casinos and lots more. They offer degrees leading to Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Administration, Masters of Science and Doctorate of Philosophy. The schools are normally colleges or universities that have departments that focus on hospitality management.

What do they offer?

Most schools offer a wide range of degree options including Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, Master of Science in Hospitality Management and Executive Master of Science in Hospitality Management degree programs. Degree courses take four years to complete but help to stand out in the ever competitive job market.
In most cases the courses concentrate on Business administration Subjects like accounting, administration, marketing, public relations, strategy etc with special focus on hospital management subjects. This subjects may include
Event Management
Food Preparation
Global Tourism
Hotel Operations
Airline Industry
Catering management
The courses also offer practical experience in the hospitality industry through internship and placements with well known companies.

Graduate certifications and short courses also exist for individuals who don’t require a degree. The short courses take a few weeks to complete and normally award diplomas or certificates to attendees. Short courses offered may include Strategic Hospitality Management, Hospitality and Tourism, Hospitality and Catering Management, Food and Beverage Management, Hospitality Supervision and a wide range of other courses.

When choosing a school to study, it is important to find out if the school and their courses are accredited by doing a bit of research. Attending a school with huge reputation helps when searching for jobs. Have a look at the options that are available and decide based on personal interests.

Job opportunities in the Industry
The job market for anyone with a hospitality certification is very broad. It is thought that the industry employs about one billion people around the globe.
Employers and employment opportunities may include
Working for private companies that own amusement centers, spa, fitness centers and tourist attraction centers.
Working in Events management
Working for hotels, bars and restaurants in managerial and supervisory positions.
Taking up jobs in hospitality departments of schools, universities and companies.
Marketing and Advertising in the hospitality industry.

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