Hospital Manager

What is a Hospital Manager?

Hospital managers are in charge of making sure the hospital is run smoothly by planning, directing, coordinating, and supervising the delivery of the care. Hospital managers can either specialize in a specific department or oversee the entire hospital.

Educational Requirements

To become a hospital manager, a bachelor’s degree is the minimum amount of education one can receive. Although there are some jobs available for those with a 4-year education, most positions require a master’s degree. Such subjects as public health, public administration, health services administration, or business administration are popular majors for those interested in the healthcare system. In addition to the educational requirements, one must also be licensed in the state where they will be working.

Skills Necessary

Since hospital managers are in charge of large facilities and equipment that have millions of dollars invested, it’s crucial that these managers make effective decisions, are quick thinkers, and are assertive. They need to be good at analyzing data, especially when it’s contradictory. Communication and interpersonal skills are a must, as well as being flexible and adaptable to change. Hospital managers spend most of their day dealing with others, so it’s necessary to be a good leader, while also being able to listen to the concerns and comments of others.

Job and Career Outlook

The median salary for a hospital manager is $80,240, but this number fluctuates depending on experience, geographic location, and the type of facility. Employment is expected to be on the rise, growing faster than the average for other professions. The healthcare industry continues to grow, as people are living longer, taking better care of themselves, and there being a large aging population. Due to these factors, hospital managers are expected to have more opportunities available to them, as well as new positions due to the addition of machines and technology.

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