Hospital Administrator

A Hospital Administrator is one who oversees daily operations of a hospital setting including outpatient , hospice, substance-abuse services and the overall medical staff.

Responsibilities of a Hospital Administrator

The duties of the hospital administrator are numerous and sometimes complex in nature. In addition to supervising the medical facility and staff, a hospital administrator must keep abreast of new and ever-changing policies developed by the board of trustees.

The hospital administrator is charged with recruiting medical personnel and conducting periodic evaluations as directed by the governing body of the medical facility as well as development and implementation of medical treatment and patient services.

Helpful Skills For A Hospital Administrator

Since the hospital administrator must deal with overall health care delivery it is helpful to have some background in public relations for the purpose of putting and keeping the medical facility in a positive light. Knowledge of billing and collection procedures is an essential skill to possess. The ability to work with financial issues such as hospital equipment and upkeep is another skill related to the hospital administrator’s position.

Educational Requirements For Hospital Administrator

Entry level positions are available for those who hold a Bachelors Degree in some phase of medicine or business administration. In order to be considered for employment in a larger or more complex medical facility one needs to possess a Masters Degree in business administration, health services, health science or public services administration. Most states require a hospital administrator candidate or have 5 years of experience in some phase of medicine or hospital management and a 1 year residency or internship in a medical setting.

Basic salary for a hospital administrator is rated on the size of the medical facility with entry-level positions paying $55,470 and larger facilities paying as much as $155,130 year or more.

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