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About Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University or GCU is located in Phoenix, Arizona. It was established in 1949 and was designed as a private non-profit Christian college. However, in 2004 its status was converted to a for-profit university.

GCU Degree Programs and Accreditation

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GCU offers both online and campus based Bachelor, Master and Doctor Degrees. The University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and it is ranked as one of the top online universities by Online Education Database.

Brief History of  Grand Canyon University

GCU was established in the wake of the Second World War by Arizona Southern Baptists who wanted to establish a faith based university that would provide the local Baptists the chance to study Bachelor, Master and Doctor programs without going east to study in a Baptist college. Though initially set up as a college that offered only Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees it became a university in 1989. A non-profit college at the onset, GSU was converted into a for-profit university when it started to face existential problems due to financial constraints. It is in fact the first for-profit college in the United States of America. Though the University provides both campus based and online learning programs, the former is particularly popular and more renowned in the country.

Accreditation of Grand Canyon University

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The Higher Learning Commission of North Central Association has regionally accredited GCU. This regional body accredits both the campus-based and online learning programs. All the accredited degree courses are offered around the year, so if one signs up for a course, he or she can afford to complete the degree within 18 months. The best thing about GCU is that here the quality of online courses are of as superior quality as the campus-based courses. Therefore, it offers a convenient and quality mode of online learning programs to students that are recognized all over the world.

Grand Canyon University Degree Programs

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GCU offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in a number of disciplines, which cover streams like liberal arts, business, nursing and education. The education format and quality are of superior standards. GCU offers a number of customized programs apart from the regular programs that are designed to meet your specific demands and educational background.

GCU Online Programs

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The online degrees and programs offered by GCU are renowned and they are some of the top online tutoring programs that are offered in the country. Distance learning online courses are extremely popular in the modern world, for these courses offer convenience- something extremely coveted in this stressful world. The tools that are used in the distance learning online courses include electronic mail, chat and discussion forums. All these tools are designed in such a manner that they are able to provide a holistic learning experience to students. The online programs offer the students the opportunity to interact with the professors on a one-on-one basis. Therefore, the courses provide students with individual care and they can even carry out peer-interaction in the discussion forums for better understanding of various topics.

Is Grand Canyon University Affordable?

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There are many students all over the world who refrain from opting for higher studies due to the high cost of learning programs. Even online long distance courses are quite expensive and people of modest means cannot afford them. However, GCU’s learning programs provide students the chance to go for higher studies without plunging in to the danger of taking a huge study loan. The learning programs are made even more affordable by the University as it offers a number of financial aids and grants to the deserving students. The scholarships and grants that are offered to the competent students range from federal, state and institutional grants to financial loans. These financial aids and the comparatively low tuition fees make the learning programs of GCU highly affordable. The main aim of GCU is to make education available to people of all stature who have the desire to learn. The tuition fee of GCU is one of the lowest in the country and can be afforded by most.

Grand Canyon Degrees and Admission Requirements

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Like all renowned universities, GCU too demands that some particular admission credentials be fulfilled in order to be admitted to the university. Every Bachelor and Master’s degree has its own specific requirements about which the official website of GCU provides full details. A large number of Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees are awarded to students every year. Since there are degree courses offered around the year, students can expect to earn their degree in a short span of about 18 months. The website even provides an updated list of tuition fees demanded for every program. Before applying for any course, one can browse through the tuition fees and meal plans for convenience.

Scams Associated With GCU

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The most significant problem that students face with online distance learning programs is the scams and rip-offs that are associated with these courses. With a fraudulent online learning program, one can lose his resources without earning anything from the learning programs. There are some bad reviews associated with GCU as well. There are complaints that financial aid is not being provided to students even though it had been promised and there are even complaints about the quality of the academic instructors. According to many people, the University is a financial rip-off, students enroll and pay high admission fees but they are provided with substandard teachers. Though many of these negative reviews have been posted on the Internet, their authenticity is questionable. As student satisfaction surely varies from student to student. So you cannot always decide upon a University’s standard course quality by reading some reviews. GCU is quite a renowned university so it goes without saying that the university has earned this fame through its good records and standards. However, if you are planning to enroll in any course offered by GCU make sure that you get all necessary information to avoid regret later on.

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