Flight Attendant

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Flight attendants are in a way the receptionist of an airline. They are the “face’ of the airline, which means that how they behave will reflect on the airline. If you fly on a plane and get good or bad treatment from the flight attendant, the experience will stay with you and ultimately affect the airline. The primary job of any flight attendant is the safety of the passengers. The training involves dealing with in-flight emergency and frightened passengers. It also involves learning how to deal with bad tempered passengers.

There are basically two different types of airlines, the majors and regional. Most of the major airlines require the applicant to have a bachelor’s degree, where as most regional ones are still hiring those with a 2 year associates degree. As far as past experience goes, experience in the service industry will always help. If you are still in high school, then focusing on learning a foreign language is a good idea. Currently, most airlines are looking for candidates who are at least five feet two inches tall with weight proportionate to height. It is very important to be well groomed before showing up for an interview. Wear conservative clothes and accessories. Fingernails should look manicured and clean. Keep jewelry to a minimum. This applies to both men and women.

It is important to arrive to an interview well prepared. Show good poise and an ability to communicate well. The reason is that most applicants, who fail the interview, will not get a second chance. Once you have made it in, the course includes training in various skills such as CPR/first aid, airport codes, Emergency procedures and evacuation, aircraft configurations, airline terminology and call letters, FAA regulations and geography. As you can see there is a reason why flight attendant training has been nicknamed “barby boot camp” Currently the market outlook looks very good. The airlines have been hiring approximately 5000 flight attendants every year, for the past several years and there is no end in sight. The average flight attendant makes $40,520 a year.

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