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What is a Dressmaker?

A dressmaker is a professional who augments, improves, and alters different kinds of clothing to make them wearable. Although the term dressmaker implies that the professional would work solely with dresses, these individuals can alter all types of clothing, including business suits, jeans, sweaters, and bridal gowns. Some dressmakers work with costumes for theater and dance, while others use their creativity and skill to make unique lines of clothing for dogs, dolls, or home furnishings.

Educational Requirements

While dressmakers should have a high school diploma, employers look more for prior work experience than education when hiring. During high school, courses should focus on art, design, business, and tailoring and sewing. Dressmakers can also continue their education by enrolling in a trade school or 2-year college program. On-the-job training also helps in terms of experience, and this type of training can be obtained at a garment factory, dressmaking shop, or department store.

Skills Necessary

To become a dressmaker, it’s crucial to have excellent sewing and tailoring skills, an eye for detail, and the ability to create flawless outfits on a consistent basis. Practicing on dummies is often helpful, as trial and error is necessary in the dressmaker profession. It’s also helpful to have a unique sense of creativity, as knowing how to work with beads and patterns can help set your work apart from the rest. Job and Career Outlook Unfortunately, the career outlook for a dressmaker is poor, especially with the downturn of the economy. More and more people are considering fancy dresses or tailoring clothes a luxury, which is why the demand for dressmakers has gone down. However, those who are self-employed or work for an established company still have plenty of work, as certain types of clothing, including bridal gowns and business suits, are customary in today’s world. On average, a dressmaker makes $25,590 a year, or about $12.30 per hour.

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