Court Reporting Schools

What is court reporting exactly? A court reporter is plays a very important role in the smooth running of a court room. Everything that is spoken during trial must be documented. That is the responsibility of the court reporter. A court reporter must have great listening abilities as well as great grammar & punctuation and spelling skills. It is very important that the reporter be trained to be able to speak and listen at the same time. The reason is that they must pay attention to any of the little things going on around the room while court is in session. Any of those things must be described in reports as they may become important during the trial. The need for court reporters continues to grow and is not expected to decrease over the next few years.

Court Reporter Duties

A court reporter may have many duties such as
Providing support to the judge or attorneys regarding clerical procedures
Keeping track of transcript traffic
Buying equipment or supplies as needed
Keeping and organized, well detailed inventory of courtroom supplies
Keeping an accurate financial log
Using a computer to code and cross-reference the court records

Court Reporting School

There are many different schools all across the company that train for this very important profession. You can choose to physically go to classes or if you prefer you can take online classes. Whichever is easiest for you is the best to do. Do research on the profession as well as the different schools before choosing one.

Court reporting school usually takes between 33 to 36 months. Taking the training at ones own pace may take a subsequently longer. However, some students that take the online self-paced classes might be different. They may complete the program in as little as one year. The online programs still offer a complete courting and training program though.

The types of important classes that are taken for the court reporting course are

Computer motorized shorthand
Legal Terminology
Dictation speed building
Foundations of language and write
Grammar and punctuation
Business basics
Human relations
Courtroom transcription
Using stenography equipment
Transcribing live events
Transcribing taped events
Courtroom procedures

Court Reporting Certification

Each state has it’s own requirements for court reporters that practice. Some states require that a court reporter also be a notary public. Some states expect the reporter to pass a state certification test. The court reporter will also be responsible for continuing education and keeping up to date in order to keep their certification.

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