Construction Worker

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Everyday people drive by construction workers who labor at construction sites creating or renovating new office buildings, homes and any number of types of structures or facilities. Construction worker positions may require that of a high school graduate or the equivalent of a GED. Let us look at the types of jobs performed as a construction worker and what education, skills and advancement opportunities exist.

Construction workers have several different types of opportunities to choose from whether it is building residential homes, tunnels, highways, high-rise buildings or supermarkets. This provides countless sources of work, income and a variety of job locations from which to choose.

Entry-level jobs include site preparation, cleaning and the loading and unloading of equipment or supplies. All these functions are physically demanding. Other jobs with additional training can entail laying concrete, installing water or sewer lines, building walls and even traffic control.

The career of a construction worker does not necessarily require specific education unless a person is working toward advancement in the profession. To obtain higher pay in specialized positions, construction workers will achieve an associate degree in construction. Some labor unions or employers may provide apprenticeships with hands-on training. This may be combined with formal classroom instruction for a period of two to four years.

As construction workers develop their trade in different fields of interest they often take on specialized training to improve their job skills. This involves attending trade schools and learning on the job. Some areas of expertise such as working underground, explosives or building high-rises requires focused studies and training learned from journeyman.

The yearly income for a construction worker ranges from $19,670 to $58,900, with people having higher skills or supervisory experience earning more. The average construction worker earns $35,020 annually. The job outlook for the future of construction workers looks favorable with additional constructions jobs, new green projects and federally funded operations.

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