Real Estate Agent Jobs

The definition of the term Real Estate Agent is someone who is licensed by the state and buys, rents and sells the property for the client. Real Estate Agents work on a commission basis.

There are certain educational requirements that need to be met when working towards a Real Estate Agent license. It is very important to research the particular state you live in as education requirements do vary from state to state. The classroom hours required will be in areas such as, Laws of Real Estate, Laws of Contracts, and State Law requirements.

The skills most needed in real estate sales are:
1. Hardworking
2. Self-Motivated
3. Good Communicator
4. Good Negotiating Skills

The employment outlook in Real Estate Sales for the next decade is expected to grow 14%. Most the the growth is due to older agents retiring and agents who made career changes in the harder economy. The real estate market can be very lucrative for any individual who is hardworking, detail-oriented, and very personable. Someone who is well established in their community has a higher chance of being successful in the real estate market because of the different contacts and leads associated with being well known in your community.

The range expected salary for a typical Real Estate Sales Agent is between $34,800.00 and $55,300.00. The median is $36,433.00. This range does vary depending on your area and the economy of where you live. If you are in an area hit by a recession these salaries will most likely decrease but if you are in an area that is on a rebound and houses are starting to sell more rapidly the salary will likely increase.

The real estate sales market is not for everyone but can be quite a financially rewarding experience for the right person.

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