Capella University Online Review

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With many universities offering complete programs online now, it's becoming the number one choice for working adults to finish or start a degree. Since the booming of the online learning environment there has been many diploma mills to spring up that sound appealing however, they do not give their students a quality education to begin their new career.

Capella University Online College History

Capella University is one of the top online colleges out there, it is definitely not a diploma mill. Capella University was formed in 1991 under a different name. To date, it is one of the leading online universities with over 1250 courses online and 39 programs to choose from.

Capella University Online Programs

Capella has wide range of programs it offers: Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Health Care Management, Management and Leadership, Marketing, Project Management, Information Technology, Health Informatics, Information Assurance and Security, Network Technology, Project Management, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Emergency Management, and Homeland Security to name a few.

Capella University Degrees

The university offers students the chance to earn their Bachelor Degree in numerous programs such as the one's listed above. They also have expanded program options under their Master's Degree and MBA, along with their Doctorate Degree.

Capella University Online Accreditation

Capella University is a dual accredited school meaning they are accredited both regionally and nationally. They are accredited regionally by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. They are accredited nationally by the Higher Learning Commission. Accreditation is an important aspect of any school, as this sets it aside from diploma mills.

Capella University Tuition and Financial Aid

The Tuition for Capella ranges depending on what type of program and degree you are seeking. A Bachelor degree will range in costs depending on credit hours and the division of the course. Typically costs range from $795 for 3 credit lower division courses to $2070 for a 6 credit upper division course. Financial Aid is available for most students. This is through federal financial aid, loans or scholarships. Filling out the FAFSA form will allow the student to see exactly how much aid they can receive. At Capella, almost 75% of its students receive some sort of aid.

Capella University Student Satisfaction

Student reviews of the school give it a grade of an A- when it comes education quality. Many students say that the course work is challenging and the instructors are there to give advice via email whenever it is needed.

Scams or Complaints Associated with Capella University

As with any school, there are complaints against Capella University. These range from lack of knowledgeable professors to tuition rates being too high. However, the students who are satisfied with their Capella education are more numerous, than those who are not.

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