California State University, Northridge Online Review

California State University, Northridge is among the biggest single-campus universities in America. The university is located at San Fernando Valley, the heart of Los Angeles. Founded in 1958, California State University, Northridge has a long tradition of excellence and a vibrant atmosphere that contributes to the success of the university throughout history. The university strives to provide hands-on experience and profound academic knowledge to all of the student body. This is the reason why many alumni of the school become famous figures in the society, national governors, scientists and astronauts. A

t California State University, Northridge you can study two degree levels: Bachelor?s and Master?s. As of 2007-08, there were 6,619 students pursuing Bachelor degree and 1,543 students pursuing Master degree. No matter what area you interest in, California State University, Northridge can offer you the best education ever.

Some of the most popular areas of study at the university include: ? Business administration, management and operations ? Liberal arts and sciences ? General studies and humanities ? Psychology ? Sociology ? Radio, television, and digital communication.

With a degree accredited by the Cal State Northridge WASC, students who graduate from California State University, Northridge can compete with any other students from established universities across America. As for costs of attendance and financial aid, California State University, Northridge offers comparatively low cost of attendance, averaging $19,332(as of 2010). Tuition for in-state students costs $3,048. Room and board (on campus) costs about $10,152. Students are expected to prepare another $5,484 for other expenses such as books, transportation and other things. There is also a required fee of $648. Compared to other universities of its kind, California State University, Northridge offer very low costs of attendance. Moreover, students also have a chance to receive financial aid which can significantly reduce their actual costs of attendance. About 48% of 2007-2008 full time undergraduates receive need-based financial aids in the form of grants and scholarships, which means students don?t have to pay back. The average financial aid package for an undergraduate was $6,347. 26% of all fulltime undergraduates receive loans and wok-study with an average of $4,212. Students are not restricted to only one source of financial aid and can apply for multiple scholarships, grants and loans. All students at California State University, Northridge are satisfied with their initial choice. Learning at this university improves group learning experiences, active learning experiences, experiences with diverse groups of people and ideas and many other useful things needed for the success of an graduate. About 81% of seniors would choose to attend this school again if they would be given a second chance. *3% of all seniors describe their learning experience at California State University, Northridge as excellent. And finally, 80% of all seniors reported to find their fellow students friendly, approachable and supportive.

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