Bowling Green State University Online Review


Established in 1910 in Bowling Green, OH, the Bowling Green State University was founded to train and equip educators with skills in different fields. The university is still recognized for its quality education programs through its College of Education and Human Development, where it provides courses in areas such as Early Childhood, Special Education, Mid-Childhood as well as Foreign Language Teaching.

Academic Programs

Besides providing Education courses, the University provides Science degree courses. The university was among the first academic institutions to offer Neuroscience to undergraduate students. It also offers PhD programs in Photochemical Science. In general, Bowling Green State University offers more than 200 undergraduate courses in academic fields such as art studies, musical arts, arts and sciences, technology and others. Moreover, it also offers more than 40 Masters Degree courses as well as 17 Doctoral programs. Other academic programs the school offers include Certificate courses in areas such as women’s studies, food and nutrition, among others. The university’s online program caters for both undergraduate and graduate students. The online courses provide students with knowledge and practical skills, which are required for one to succeed in today’s competitive world.

The online undergraduate courses provided by the school include Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Advanced Technology Education and Bachelor of Liberal Studies. For graduate programs, the courses offered include Masters of Arts in English and Executive Master of Organizational Development. The online program also allows a student to complete online certificate courses in Food and Nutrition, Quality Systems among others.

Academic Tuition and Financial Aid

The university’s tuition fees vary between students. The average fees charged for Ohio residents is approximately $16,000, while those not residing in Ohio pay an average of $23,000. The university provides various financial aid programs, such as the Student Financial Aid (SFA), to eligible students. Other financial aid programs provided by the Bowling Green State University include grants, scholarships and loans. Students who register for the university’s online program benefit from quality educational courses that are of high academic standards. The students also enjoy personal tutor attention and still have room to pursue personal commitments. The online programs are excellent choice for any person searching for quality online academic courses that enables them receive their degree as they continue with their careers.

University Accreditation

Bowling Green State University has received accreditation from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Thus, students do not have to worry about the quality of the online degree programs provided by the university. Students who have completed the online courses have been fully satisfied with the standards of the programs offered.

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