Bible Colleges

Mention the word ‘Bible College’ and the immediate definition given by most people is a stilted campus where all they train people for is to become the minister of a church. While the overall goal of a Bible college is to deepen or enhance one’s basic understanding of the Bible, how to apply it to one’s life and to prepare graduates to share God’s Word with others, there are certain advantages offered by these institutions as well. It is interesting to note there are 1200 Bible colleges across the United States and Canada with 2000 more around the globe.

What Bible Colleges Teach

A Bible college typically offers specialized courses in Christian education with other specialized Biblical course majors such as Bible and Theology, Christian Counseling, Christian Education, Music Ministry and Leadership & Ethics. Unlike liberal arts colleges, philosophy is not a part of the curriculum and other courses such as biology are taught from the Christian perspective.

Many people think Bible college students are not required to meet the same basic requirements as are required for students of non-religious affiliated institutions but this definitely a misconception. All Bible college courses of study include English, Math, Science, Social Science and Foreign Language courses. For many students, foreign language courses are most important especially for students preparing for jobs in mission fields.

Degrees Offered By Bible Colleges

Most Bible colleges are very similar to non-religious affiliated institutions of higher learning in that they offer Associate Degrees requiring 18 months to 2 years of study. Bachelors Degree requirements are basically the same as for all colleges. Many Bible colleges offer Master’ Degree programs both on campus and online. At all levels, Bible colleges offer degrees in various Biblical studies, Christian Ministry and Church Music Ministry.

Advantages of A Bible College vs A Liberal Arts College

While many students elect to attend a Bible college in preparation for a career in some facet of Christian service, others choose a Bible college who have no plan or desire to enter Christian service but feel certain advantages offered far outweigh those found at a non-religious affiliated institution.

To many people, one of the most important advantages is that there are no coed dormitories found on these campuses. While many fine colleges were founded on religious grounds, over time a large number of these institutions have completely strayed from or relaxed these standards in many ways.

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