Best Photo Journalism Colleges

The Top 10 Schools for Photojournalism offer Certificate Programs, Associates Degrees, bachelors Degrees and Masters Degrees in Photojournalism related programs. Any of these colleges would be a great addition to anyone’s educational section of their resume.

1. Brooks Institute of Santa Barbara is at the top of our list because it is designed for people who aspire to hold a career in photography, making films, visual journalism or graphic design. They accept students who are new to the field as well as advanced professionals who are looking to refresh their skills or to gain access to new skills. Brooks philosophy for education is to “learn by doing” which can provide students with artistic expertise, technical expertise and the business expertise that are necessary to succeed.

2. Ohio University is a place that you live, learn and grow. Students come to Athens Ohio for an excellent education positive that they will receive it. While attending her they get on their way to becoming scholars, researchers, leaders and engaged citizens. While attending her you also have that ability to study abroad, to volunteer and to form life long friendships.
3. Falling in to the third position in our list is Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green Kentucky. With a population of 50,000 people and located 110 miles south of Louisville Kentucky this school has become a populate educational institution. This university prepares students for many walks of life by helping them to become more productive, more engages and more socially responsible leaders.
4. University of North Texas in Denton Texas is recognized as a student centered university where power of ideas from a culture of learning that is based on diverse viewpoints, interdisciplinary endeavors and creative and disciplined excellence. This has been accomplished through an array of programs where students, scholars and artists collaborate with communities.

5. Central Michigan University is located in Mount Pleasant Michigan and is a coeducational state university. It is located in a community that values student centered learning and encourages global understanding, develops undergraduate and graduate research opportunities. They also engage in public service and they actively welcome diversity.
6. Kent State University located in Kent Ohio is the sixth highest rated school for photojournalism. Their mission is to prepare all students to be responsible citizens with productive careers, broaden perspectives and foster ethical and humanitarian values. The faculty and staff there are thoroughly involved in teaching, creative expression, research, partnerships and service.
7. Texas Tech University in Lubbock Texas is committed to teaching and to the advancement of knowledge. It is a comprehensive public research university that provides the highest possible standards of excellence in higher education. It foster intellectual development and personal development and simulates meaningful research and service.
8. At number eight on our list is Randolph Community College located in Asheboro North Carolina. The mission here is to provide comprehensive career training, education and service that are consistent to the need of the students as well as the community.
9. Ninth on the list is Point Park University that is located in the heart of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Here they promote academic excellence, focus on the needs of each individual student and encourage innovation. It fosters a community of mutual respect and diversity and ensures integrity and ethics in their action.
10. The Corcoran College of Art + Design is located in Washington DC attracts individual attention and career opportunities which are emphasized in a vibrant and active community. The students have access to a range of museum, monuments and other cultural resources and form bonds with the faculty and the staff.

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