Best Industrial Design Colleges

Industrial Design is a dynamic field which integrates science and art to provide aesthetics to a wide range of consumer products. Industrial designers are in demand by large multinational companies who compete with their rivals in providing pleasantly designed products. Major educational magazines regularly publish rankings, articles and surveys of top industrial design schools. Here is a list of Industrial Design schools that have regularly featured in the top 10 lists of every major study.

Art Center College of Design

Located in California, it is a private college that prepares professionals and students for real world projects which are co-sponsored by companies like Walt Disney, Nike, NASA and BMW. In recognition of its program, Designmatters, US government has rewarded its efforts by declaring it as an NGO which has fulfilled humanitarian and societal needs of American society.

Rhode Island School of Design

Founded in 1877, it is one of the most well-known fine art colleges in the world. It is also among those few institutions which emphasize individual skills to past academic performance. More than 350 highly skilled artisans and curators form a part of its faculty. Presently, it offers Bachelors and Masters degrees in Industrial Design.

Carnegie Mellon University

Dubbed as the new Ivy school by Business Week, its reputation in technological fields is seldom rivaled. In conjunction with College of Humanities and College of Social Science, students are enrolled in diverse courses which offer practical knowledge, and highly acclaimed research facilities.

Pratt Institute

A private college with campuses in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Utica, Pratt Institute is a conglomerate of historic and modern buildings which are reminiscent of high intellectual caliber of its student body who take special precedence from employers because of their unique technology design curriculum. The department of industrial design offers Bachelors and Master degrees with emphasis on rewarding internship experience.

Ohio State University

Employers all over North and Mid Atlantic States crave for Industrial Design graduates of this government institution. Perhaps, it is world-class research that distinguishes this school from other government institutions. In 2008, Design Intelligence, ranked its Industrial Design program third in United States which is not surprising amid top five rankings from other similar publications such as Forbes, and US World News Report.

University of Cincinnati

Experts claim that its campus is certainly one of the most distinguished settings for architecture and design students. The College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning is consistently ranked among the top ten design schools. Its Industrial Design graduates have the highest employment rates in America.

Cranberry Academy of Art

A part of a large educational foundation, New York Times declared that the academy has had profound effect on American design landscape. In fact, it will not be an overstatement to suggest that Cranberry Academy of Art has played an instrumental role in industrial design revolution. Its Master of 3-D design is considered to be a landmark in establishing high scientific standards for modern Industrial Design.

California College of Arts

As a private institution, this college is known for its wide range of extra curricular activities. Host of design events take place on its campus, every day. Students learn first hand from well known guest lecturers, and many international events. The Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts is also a forum for leading artists, designers and architects from all over America.

Arizona State University

ASU is nationally recognized for its Industrial Design programs that offer highly specialized scientific tools, courtesy of huge grants from Arizona State. Its Industrial Design program is an integration of theory, internship and research. May be, it is due to this broad perspective that Industrial Design graduates of ASU are sought by every major Fortune 500 organization, in South.

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