Best Forensic Science Schools

The Top 10 Forensic Colleges offer Certificate Programs, Associates Degrees, Bachelor’s Degrees and Master’s Degrees. Any of these colleges would be a great investment in anyone’s forensic education.


5. Saint Leo University Online
St. Leo is our #5 choice on our top ten list! St. Leo University offers a masters degree in criminal justice. If your looking for forensic science schools and would like to merge it with another subject or just further your degree, then this school is for you!

M.S. in Criminal Justice – Forensic Science

6. Walden University
Walden University is our #6 choice on our top ten list! Walden offers an array of programs highly accredited by online learning organizations. They offer masters programs in general and specialized degree programs. If you are looking for a masters in forensic science, you should check into this school!

M.S. in Forensic Psychology – General
M.S. in Forensic Psychology – Mental Health Applications

7. DeVry University
Coming up in seventh place is National University in La Jolla California. This university is dedicated to creating life long learning opportunities available and to challenging a diverse student population. The aim is to facilitate educational access and academic excellence through management.

Bachelor's in Computer Information Systems – Computer Forensics

8. Florida Tech University Online
George Washington University in Washington DC has an undergraduate population of 9,700 students. This is one of the few private schools to have this many students enrolled at one time. Theoretical foundation is combined with practical research and experiential learning activities are incorporated into each academic program.

Bachelor of Applied Psychology – Forensic Psychology

9. Loyola University
At number nine, Baylor University in Waco Texas is founded on the belief that God’s nature is made known through revealed and discovered truth. The understanding of God, humanity and nature is derived from multiple sources. This is the largest private, Baptist-affiliated research university in the world, by enrollment. The community of Baylor is expected to support their mission of the pursuit of knowledge being strengthened by the conviction that the truth has its ultimate source in God.

M.S. in Criminal Justice Administration – Forensic Science Admin

10. Ashworth College
Rounding off the list at number ten is Tiffin University in Tiffin Ohio. This is a place where the American heartland work ethic is evident and where there is value added for the students. Many of the students are among their families first generation to attend college.

Forensic Science Diploma

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