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The Top 10 Colleges to attend for Executive Assistants and Secretary Programs all offer a Certificate Program and an Associates Degree available in the areas of Executive Assistant and Executive Secretary Programs. 1. At the top of the list is West Kentucky and Technical College which is an educational institute that provides excellence in learning, teaching, and promoting the success of its students. This school also supports economic development. WKTC has five goals that guide their teaching. First, is that the promote excellence in their teaching and the students learning. Second, there is an increase in student access and success in their education. Third, they strive to expand diversity and improve global awareness. Fourth and fifth, they aim to enhance economic development and strategic organization. All of these goals help to push WKTC to the number one position in this list. 2. Second on the Top 10 list is, Maysville Community and Technical College located in Maysville Kentucky. At MCTC they challenge their students to accomplish their goals in their education, career and personal development. Students will gain skills and knowledge that will help to enhance their careers and improve their quality of life. 3. Third on the list is Gibbs College located in Farmington, Connecticut. This school helps students pursue a career of your choice. They also offer careers in the areas of Medical Assistance, Fashion Design and Marketing, and Business Office Administration. 4. Coming in a close fourth place is Valencia Community College which his located in Orlando, Florida. This college provides many opportunities for individuals, businesses, and public agencies. They are focused on helping students achieve their business, career and professional goal with solutions that improve performance and enhance knowledge. 5. In fifth place on this list falls Bowling Green Technical College which is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This is a public school that offers a two year degree. It provides extensive supportive services ranging from academic advising to securing financial aid to obtaining a job after graduation. The mission of BGTC is to provide education and training to foster economic growth in the region and prosperity to the provider. 6. Sitting in the sixth position Bluegrass Community and Technical College in Lexington, Kentucky. This is a four year college that is a great beginning to a challenging but supportive environment. There are also numerous student organizational, activities and programs that are specifically designed to enhance all college experiences such as cultural, social and professional 7. Next is Florida State College in Jacksonville Florida. Any education objective or education can be learned here. Here you will be assisted in achieving your goals and helped to begin the career of your dreams. This can also help you start to your educational journey with success and confidence. 8. Jefferson Community College is located in Louisville Kentucky and as a comprehensive two year college it is the largest colleges in Kentucky and as a Technical College. This college is also the state’s largest provider of on-line courses which are available through Kentucky’s Virtual University. 9. The ninth top EA College is Hopkinsville Community College which is located in Hopkinsville Kentucky. It is a student centered institution that provides many learning opportunities with a supportive community that encourages academic excellence. Provided here are a strong educational, economic, community and military partnerships. 10. Last on our list of the top 10 schools is Ashland Community and Technical College in Ashland Kentucky. This college offers university parcel programs that allow you to transfer your credits to four year institutions and many career programs that assist in advancement.

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