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Being an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or Paramedic can be rewarding. They often treat patients in life or death circumstances. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic reports that the job market stance for this profession still remains promising. A trained EMT remains calm and steady during chaotic circumstances. There are two levels of training; EMT and EMT-2. Paramedics are students who have completed the maximum level of training for emergency medical services. Below you will find a list of the top ten schools for EMT and Paramedics’ training. University of Maryland, Baltimore County UMBC offers an Associate’s or a Bachelor’s degree in Emergency Health Services. Tuition cost for in-state is approximately $8,500 and out-of-state, $16,600. Drexel University Here, the students have the option of obtaining an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree. The tuition is set at $23,200. The courses needed are offered online and the main campus is located in Philadelphia, PA. Drury University The tuition for training here is $14,700. The campus in located in Springfield, Missouri; and their online and evening courses are designed for the working adult. Sanford-Brown Institute This institution has over 30 campuses located in the United States. Tuition and fees are not listed on the website, to obtain this information, contact Sanford-Brown. The campus must be chosen must be in close proximity to the student’s home. They offer an Associate’s degree and a Diploma degree in emergency medical services. Kaplan University The requirements for study in the EMT programs are: high school graduate or completion of GED; must be a permanent resident of the United States; must have access to a computer for online courses. Campuses are located in Iowa, Maryland and Nebraska. They offer a course in Bachelor of Science in Fire and Emergency Management. The total cost of tuition for this program is $33,400. Their minimum requirement is a high school diploma or completion of a GED. This program is formulated for emergency services personnel. This is an online Institution but have approximate 40 locations including in British Columbia for a campus selection. Tuition and fees are not available on the website. Capella University This university has an online chart that lists the tuition and fees for the specific courses. The chart is broken down in sections for each program. Locations are not listed, but a toll-free number is found on the site. Capella offers a Doctorate, Masters and Bachelor’s Degrees in Emergency management. Grand Canyon University Grand Canyon University stipulates that you must have previously attended college, be a health care certified and have an associate’s degree. They offer on Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Emergency Management. This is a private Christian college and is located in Arizona only. Tuition depends on: the level of degree being sought; in-state or out-of-state; a veteran; credits taken per semester. South University Online South University offers courses in Emergency Medical Services. A degree can be obtained in Bachelor’s or Master’s. The tuition and fees are not listed. The program is also offered on line. They only offer a few campuses that are located strategically throughout the U.S. Walden University The age requirement for Walden is 24 years or older. Tuitions and fees are based on specific courses taken. A Disaster and Emergency Management with a completion requirement of 181 total credits (at least 45 credits at Walden’s) is required. Walden schools are international, and they offer toll-free numbers for the different locations. They also offer distance learning. The tuition and fees vary among the schools, but the results could be worth it.

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