Best Electrical Engineering Colleges

Below is a list and small description of some of our best colleges for electrical engineering as of 2011.

Featured Engineering Schools


Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA.
This institute offers degree programs in electrical and electronics. This school has been ranked four out of all national universities and remains a private institution since their founding year in 1861. This school has an eleven percent acceptance rate, meaning only top students will be selected to attend this university.

Stanford University Stanford, CA.
This university has been ranked number four in the nation for overall performance. This university offers degree programs in electrical and electronics as well as several other engineering programs. This is a private institution that has an acceptance rate of less than ten percent, and offers students a course load broken down into quarters throughout the school year.

University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign Champaign, IL.
This university offers hundreds of engineering programs. The programs that Urbana-Champaign offers are in electrical and electronics. This is a public institution that has over thirty thousand undergraduate students.

University of California—Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.
The engineering program at this university has been ranked number two in the nation. The engineering department at this college offers several programs, but an emphasis has been placed on both their electrical and electronics programs.

Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA.
With an acceptance rate of nearly sixty one percent, this college offers both electrical and electronics programs, which are available to all undergraduate students. This is a public university that will cost less than ten thousand dollars to attend each year for in-state residence.

University of Michigan–Ann Arbor Ann Arbor, MI.
This university, founded in 1817, offers students the ability to join their degree programs in electric, electronics, or any of the extensive list of programs they offer. This is a fairly inexpensive university that offers students the ability to attend trimesters as apposed to the typical semester break down of courses.

California Institute of Technology Pasadena, CA.
This institute holds an overall rank of forth place and offers programs in both electrical and electronics. This is a private institution and has fewer than one thousand undergraduate students.

Cornell University Ithaca, NY.
This university has a highly selective acceptance rate, with around twenty percent, and is a private institution. They have nearly fourteen thousand undergraduate students, who have the ability to choose degree programs in electrical and electronics.

Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA.
This university prides itself on being one of the elite group colleges, which is responsible for shaping well rounded students through their educational, research, and outreach teaching techniques. This private institute offers degree programs in both electrical, and electronics, as well as several other areas of study.

Purdue University–West Lafayette West Lafayette, IN.
This university offers over two hundred areas of undergraduate studies. Their wide variety of undergraduate program has allowed them to maintain high valued individuals and achievements to keep their institution around since 1869. This school has a large engineering program that offers several technology and technician programs to their student body.

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